Sivir Rework breakdown and hotfix nerf

It’s been a long time since the Battle Mistress of Shurima was one of the best damage dealers in... Scott Kostov | 17. July 2022

It’s been a long time since the Battle Mistress of Shurima was one of the best damage dealers in the game, but this update might help her stance.

If you are a more experienced League player, you probably remember the glory days of Sivir. The combination of AOE and waveclear made her the ultimate late-game carry. The insane scalings in her kit made her the queen of front-to-back team fights, resulting in her pro-play dominance.

Pre-rework Sivir

But as the years went on, apart from the rare “Rekkles” Sivir appearance on stage, this champion became forgotten. A lot of ADCs were released since the last time she was powerful and they all had a leg up on her since release. Apart from being power crept, Sivir’s design just didn’t fit the playstyle that League was going towards. Sivir’s movement was locked into her passive and her ultimate, which less skilled players couldn’t really utilize. The only time Sivir was considered a good pick was if you were going to play the poke build on ARAM. But Riot saw all of this transpire for the last few years and now we finally got an update that should help her regain her glory.

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Credit: League of Poro/ Youtube

Sivir Rework Changes

Riot mentioned that they want her to be the strongest AOE damage carry in League if she manages to stay alive. That’s why the changes that they made focused her towards a Crit build path and cut down on her utility.

Base stats

While most of her base stats got lowered, her Attack Damage and Attack Speed growths were increased, further fueling her late-game power. Her base mana was also increased by a bit and combined with her new mana costs on her abilities, it should help her out in the laning phase.

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Credit: Riot Games

Passive changes

Her passive Fleet of Foot, got a major boost. Going from 35 to 55 bonus movement speed on level one, and 55 to 75 on level 18. Although Sivir will now move faster when hitting enemy champions, the movement speed boost will no longer last two seconds. It will now decay over 1,5 seconds, but she can also trigger it multiple times. A perfect change to help her kite and do damage with her 500-range auto attacks.


Q Ability Change

Her Q ability, Boomerang Blade, now does less flat damage and scales worse with attack damage. It also doesn’t have a flat seven-second cooldown anymore but rather it scales down from 10 seconds to eight. These changes are meant to push her away from the poke lethality build. The ability’s cast time also scales down with attack speed, and the ability now does 50% more damage at 100% crit. Talk about incentives to play her with the crit build. The mana cost went down by a lot from 70 to 55 at rank one, and 110 to 75 at max rank. The boomerang also travels faster now when going out, but slower when coming back.

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Credit: Riot Games

W Ability Change

Her signature ability, Ricochet, got some major adjustments as well. The ability now does less flat damage and scales worse with attack damage, a common trend we see here. The buff duration now lasts four seconds instead of three auto attacks and costs less mana, from 75 to 60.  Ricochet now has a flat cooldown of 10 seconds and when Sivir activates it, she will gain a 25-40% bonus attack speed buff. This feature used to be on her ultimate and its a great change to boost her power level. The ricochets now deal 80% of the damage to minions, bounce eight times per auto attack, the bounce range went up from 450 to 500 and they can now bounce to targets that have been already hit.

E Ability Changes

Sivir’s Spell Shield no longer refunds mana when blocking an ability, but procs her passive and heals her for 60-80% of her total attack damage. An interesting change that adds a lot more value to her entire kit.

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Credit: Riot Games

Ultimate ability changes

Sivir’s ultimate no longer give her entire team a movement speed boost, but i has a shorter cooldown, lasts longer and the duration is increased every time Sivir gets a takedown while its active. Her basic attacks during her ultimate now reduce her basic ability cooldowns by 0,5 seconds per auto attack. Sivir just got the summoner spell Ghost and a Spear of Shojin buff on her ultimate. I wonder what will the Nasus rework give him when compared to the new champions.

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Credit: Riot Games

Hotfix Nerf

Anyone could have guessed that this update would be a bit over the top but Sivir deserved it. A day later she was hotfix nerfed, with the base damage on her Q Ability going down and the mana cost and cooldown on her W Ability going up.

Header: Riot Games