Shine Smash Bros tournament ends after seven years

After seven years of organizing Smash Bros tournaments, Shine announces that its history has ended due to its different... Eduardo | 15. April 2023

After seven years of organizing Smash Bros tournaments, Shine announces that its history has ended due to its different financial problems.

Shine has been known for organizing major tournaments for all Smash Bros titles since 2016. However, like many companies linked to esports, Shine has had some financial problems that have made them take this drastic decision. With this, the popular Shine Smash Bros tournament will likely come to a definitive end.

Shine announces the halt of Smash Bros tournaments

Shine announced the end of Smash Bros tournaments citing financial problems in recent months through its official Twitter account.

According to the official statement from the organization, Shine has a debt with many people in charge of the organization and development of Smash Bros. tournaments. In addition, they claim that in the coming weeks, they will design a strategy to receive income to help them finance this year’s costs.

However, this does not mean that everything stops here, as Shine announces that plans continue for the event in August 2023. However, the statement implies that it will be the last one they will host, and from that point on, they will be wiping the slate clean regarding Smash Bros. tournaments.

The cancellation of Smash Bros events has been recurrent in recent times

While this might surprise many, let’s remember that we have recently observed how different organizers announced the closure of their tournaments. For example, Beyond the Summit recently canceled all Smash Bros tournaments.

As we mentioned, Shine Smash Bros 2023 will be held this year in August and will be the last to be organized. On the other hand, Shine will also organize a merchandising campaign, mainly aimed at raising the necessary funds to finance this year’s tournament and pay their debts.

Future of Smash Bros

While it is true that some tournament organizers have decided to walk away from the competitive Smash Bros scene citing economic problems, there is still a lot of fabric to cut in this spectacular esports.

In recent weeks we have seen how top players like Leonardo “MkLeo” Lopez Perez and Gavin “Tweek” Dempsey were signed by Luminosity Gaming. This undoubtedly shows a great commitment to the scene by one of the largest organizations in North America.

Also, while Shine and Beyond the Summit are moving away from the scene, others like Hungrybox’s Coinbox are breaking through and betting everything on it.

Financial problems in esports

In recent months, global financial problems have greatly affected the esports industry. As a result, several teams have decided to close some of their divisions because they are not profitable. At the same time, other large organizations have decided to abandon some ships that, in other years, we might have thought impossible to happen.

Today we have seen the popular North American organization TSM in financial trouble. CLG walked away from the League of Legends scene, and several teams in the CDL are considering a sale.

It remains to wait for how the different Smash Bros event organizers will face the competitive scene in this 2023 and the game’s future.

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