Seoul Dynasty reveals roster for OWL Season 6

Moves continue in the different Overwatch organizations ahead of the 2023 OWL season. After a long time of fan... Eduardo | 13. March 2023

Moves continue in the different Overwatch organizations ahead of the 2023 OWL season. After a long time of fan anticipation, Seoul Dynasty’s lineup for OWL Season 6 has finally been announced. Of course, we all knew until now that Park “Profit” Joon-yeong was returning to the team, but we now know the talented reinforcements that will join him for this new season.

Seoul Dynasty announces lineup for the 2023 OWL season

In an announcement via their official Twitter account, Seoul Dynasty announced their Overwatch lineup for OWL season 6. It highlights, as mentioned, the return of Profit to the lineup and will now have the company of:

  • Jinwoo “Void” Kang – Tank
  • Kim “Prophet” Hyun-been
  • Younghoon “Krillin” Jeong – Support
  • Sooman “LeeSooMan” Lee – Support

The new faces of Seoul Dinasty

Due to the player’s impending military service, the Shanghai Dragons have significantly changed their main tank ahead of the sixth OWL season, bidding farewell to their veteran captain Jinwoo “Void” Kang. Void had proven to be a valuable asset to the Dragons, not only as a tank but also for his leadership skills, which guided the inexperienced squad to success.


Credits: Shanghai Dragons

The Seoul Dynasty’s return to the OWL was greeted with much anticipation by local fans, who awaited news of the team’s lineup. They are joined by an up-and-coming rookie, Kim “Prophet” Hyun-been, who comes from the O2 Contenders team. The team will gain firepower and strength by adding Prophet to the Seoul Dynasty squad.

The signing of Jeong “Krillin” Young-hoon to the Seoul Dynasty has surprised some, but it makes sense when looking at the bigger picture. Krillin was previously part of the Washington Justice and played with Profit during the London Spitfire era. In addition, the player is known for his Ana and Zen picks and has a lot in common with teammate Lee “LeeSooMin” Soo-Min, who comes from playing for Gen.G Contenders. Both players have experience playing with Kiriko and Brig, which has become an important factor in the current meta, which favors a fast tempo.

Future of Seoul Dinasty

With the outstanding season played by Seoul Dynasty in 2022, this new team has a very high ceiling to overcome. However, with a veteran player like Profit at the helm of the team, all the rookies on the team will likely feel confident to show their full capabilities. On the other hand, the team’s sixth player has not yet been announced. As a result, it is likely to be announced by the organization in the next few days.

We will all have to wait over a month to see this new lineup in the OWL. Let’s remember that the regular season starts next April 27, 2023.

Header: Seoul Dinasty