Samsung adds NFTs to their TVs & teases mini-gaming monitor

Yesterday Samsung launched their annual tech-event CES 2022 with some exciting announcements. Samsung is planning to integrate NFTs in... | 4. January 2022

Yesterday Samsung launched their annual tech-event CES 2022 with some exciting announcements. Samsung is planning to integrate NFTs in their new TVs. Also they announced a new 240Hz mini-gaming monitor.

According to their press release, the NFT integration will be available on their Frame TVs, Neo QLED and 22 MICRO LED models as part of the Smart Hub. Users of these models will be able to browse a NFT store on their TVs and buy digital art through them.

The hype around NFTs

But all this is not without controversy. NFTs are still quite criticized and many people find the new NFT hype rather ridiculous and believe that it is a bubble that will soon burst. Nevertheless, Samsung has decided to incorporate digital art into their system now and thus make it accessible to the mainstream.

These TVs could really show off NFTs to their best advantage. With their high picture quality and slim form, users can then present their digital art like a real work of art. It will look on the TV like a picture hanging on the wall. What’s more, the new Samsung TVs can apparently adjust their settings so that the device gets the absolute best out of the artwork.

Despite hailing so much criticism, the NFT trend is advancing at light speed. It’s quite possible that NFTs will soon be popping up everywhere and being used by many more people. The market of NFTs is growing more and more every day – even in the gaming sector. So far, Samsung has only given a brief overview of how the marketplace will work, but we can expect more to be announced later this year.

Samsung teases new mini-gaming monitor

And Samsung presented us with yet another news about their products. They announced the world’s first 4K/240Hz mini LED gaming monitor. The Odyssey Neo G8 will be the first ever screen with a curved 4K (3,640*2,160) 1000R display with a response time of 1m and a refresh rate of 240Hz.

The device is expected to be unveiled during the CES 2022 tech show. This new screen also offers top-level picture quality with a new technology called Quantum Mini LEDs, HDR 2000 support with 2000 nits peak brightness, and a million-to-one static contrast ratio. This will make gaming even more realistic.

But a PC like this to live up to such a monitor is a whole different story. This means a full-featured system with a high class GPU and CPU is required to get everything out of the screen. You’ll probably need a next-gen GPU, which doesn’t even exist at the moment. The Odyssey Neo G8 will look similar to the Odyssey Neo G9. Both of them will be white and will be quite slim. Samsung seems to have a lot planned for 2022 and we can’t wait to try and test the products ourselves.