S2G Esports crowned champions of PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022

After several days of intense matches in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022, we have a new champion; the... Eduardo | 9. January 2023

After several days of intense matches in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022, we have a new champion; the Turkish team S2G Esports won the championship trophy and a large cash prize.

S2G Esports winners of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022

S2G Esports took home the championship title thanks to their excellent performance in the tournament, as they scored 190 points and 93 frags to decimate their opponents completely. Furthermore, on the last day of the tournament, the team showed all their skills and took home the juicy prize of $400k.

On the other hand, the tournament runner-up was team DRS Gaming, which is making history in Nepalese esports. This team surprised everyone on the scene, including analysts, fans, and even players. DRS Gaming showed steely mettle throughout the tournament and finished with 158 points and 88 frags. In addition to the runner-up finish, they took home $200k in prize money.

Third place went to the outstanding Brazilian team Alpha 7 Esports, which finished with 156 points and 79 frags. This team played well throughout the tournament and managed to stay in the running for the championship title until the last game played. However, some punctual mistakes led them to finish in third place, and they took home a cash prize of $120k.

Nova Esports disappoints

The team defending their championship title, Nova Esports, completely collapsed in the finals of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022 and failed to make it into the TOP 3.

Nova Esports is a team that usually demonstrates an imposing game when playing top-level tournaments, especially against the best teams in the world.

Prize pool distribution

Let’s recall that the prize pool of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022 amounted to $1.5 million. In addition, each team was rewarded according to its final position on the overall leaderboard.

  1. S2G Esports: $400,000
  2. DRS Gaming: $200,000
  3. Alpha 7 Esports: $120,000
  4. GodLike Stalwart: $80,000
  5. IHC Esports: $60,000
  6. Vampire Esports: $50,000
  7. iNCO Gaming: $42,000
  8. 4 Angry Men: $35,000
  9. Nova Esports: $32,500
  10. Geek Fam: $30,000
  11. Wolves Esports: $27,500
  12. Buriram United Esports: $25,000
  13. T2K Esports: $22,500
  14. Alter Ego Esports: $20,000
  15. Fire Flux Esports: $17,500
  16. Influence Chemin Esports: $15,000
  17. Solo Showmatch Winner: Soulless (S2G Esports): $3,000

While it is true that each team receives a share of the prize pool, the world champion label and the $400k in prizes are the main objectives of this tournament.

In addition, the tournament organizers awarded each of the 16 participating teams a $20,000 participation fee, i.e., to the above amounts, $20k must be added to each team.

Individual awards

And that’s not all! In addition to the prize money distributed to the teams, there were additional rewards for the players who stood out individually in this PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022.

  • Finals MVP – TOP (GodLike Stalwart)
  • Gunslinger – TOP (GodLike Stalwart)
  • Grenade Master – Sand3shS (T2K Esports)
  • Eagle Eye – Wwx (4 Angry Men)
  • Field Medic – Fluketh (Vampire Esports)

Other teams’ results

Mongolian teams GodLike Stalwart and IHC Esports had a very outstanding tournament and, thanks to that, managed to finish in fifth and sixth place in the overall leaderboard, respectively. Both teams went from strength to strength and finished very strong.

On the other side, we have Fire Flux and Influence Chemin Esports, the worst teams in the tournament and finished in the last two places on the table.

Finally, the Brazilian team Influence Chemin started with a devastating pace on the first day. However, their performance gradually declined as the matches progressed. So much so that, on the last day of the tournament, the team barely made a dent and finished in last place in the table.

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