Rocket League celebrates Neon Nights 2023 with Cochise

In great news for the entire Rocket League player community, Psyonix will partner with American rapper Cochise, a musical... Maria | 24. January 2023

In great news for the entire Rocket League player community, Psyonix will partner with American rapper Cochise, a musical artist known for his smash hit “TELL EM,” for this year’s Neon Nights event in Rocket League.

Neon Nights will include Event challenges with Cochise-inspired items, content in Cochise’s Item Shop, and the return of two Limited Time Modes (LTM).

Something we find pretty curious is that we have recently been shown a new Neon Nights trailer, which includes the new Cochise-inspired Rocket League song “LONG WAY.”

Neon Nights 2023 in Rocket League

When does the event start and end?

Cochise’s music and new content will be available from Wednesday, January 25, through Tuesday, February 7, 2023.

About the new event

The Neon Nights 2023 event will launch Long way, Cochise’s new song, which will also be available as a player anthem for Rocket League users.

Challenges and rewards

To get all Neon Nights offers, you must complete ten challenges. Each challenge is rewarded with new and unique items inspired by Cochise and his album “The Inspection and Pocket Rocket.”

  • Challenge: Score 15 assists or crosses in online matches.

Reward: Cochise decal

  • Challenge: Hit the ball 50 times in online games.

Reward: Inspection sticker

  • Challenge: Get 15 saves, epic saves, or clearances in online matches.

Reward: Avatar Border Inspection

  • Challenge: Score 30 shots on goal in online matches.

Reward: Pocket Rocket Player Flag

  • Challenge: Score at least 200 points in five online matches.

Reward: Mr. Professor Wheels

  • Challenge: Score a goal and win in five online matches.

Reward: Turn It Up Player Anthem

  • Challenge: Win an online match with two or more goals.

Reward: Long Way Player Anthem

  • Challenge: Earn 25,000 XP in online matches.

Reward: Cochise Player Banner

  • Challenge: Play seven online games.

Reward: Inspection Topper

  • Challenge: Participate in five online matches in any casual playlist.

Reward: Pocket Rocket Topper


You can order two free items in the Item Shop with the new event: the Judge’s Hymn “The Inspector” and Cochise’s Hymn. You can also add The Pocket Rocket Player’s Hymn to your playlist for 200 credits.

New modes for a limited time

Neon Nights is celebrated with two returning fast-paced limited-time modes, Spike Rush and Speed Demon.

Week 1: Spike Rush

Available from January 25 to February 1.

In this mode, each car is surrounded by spikes. Whoever spikes the ball will lose the ability to accelerate for a while, giving the opposing team the perfect opportunity to intercept it.

Week 2: Speed Demon

Available from February 1 to 7.

It is a super fast mode that requires good reflexes. It includes an unlimited accelerator with double the power, a ball with increased speed, demolitions on contact, and 1 second respawn time.

Header: Psyonix