Riot’s franchise bomb knock down FPX, XSET, G2 and OpTic

XSET, Fun Plus Phoenix, G2, and Optics are contemplating substantial changes after Riot rejects their application to Valorant’s partnered... Shubh | 21. September 2022

XSET, Fun Plus Phoenix, G2, and Optics are contemplating substantial changes after Riot rejects their application to Valorant’s partnered league 2023.

As the Valaorant franchise charade entirely unfolds, many popular organizations have decided to either abandon the scene completely or loosen their roots in the Valorant to focus on other titles. In either case, the franchise has affected many popular organizations and players, while making the off-season extremely interesting at the same time for the fans.

G2 allows players to explore new offers

Since G2 Esports was unable to gain a position in the 2023 franchised league, it has given its VALORANT players the freedom to consider new possibilities. The recent controversy surrounding Riot CEO Carlos Rodriguez and his associations with well-known misogynist Andrew Tate is said to have had a significant impact on Riot’s decision to reject G2’s partnerships. 

All of the players on the Valorant roster, including Oscar “mixwell” Caellas, Ygimantas “nukkye” Chmieliauskas, Aaro “hoody” Peltokangas, Auni “AvovA” Chahade, and Johan “Meddo” Renbjörk, have been granted approval by the organization to pursue new opportunities as restricted free agents.

FPX to reportedly field offers for its Valorant roster

The ongoing franchise upheaval also negatively impacted the defending Masters winners, FPX, purportedly leading to the organization putting the tenacious squad, largely regarded as Europe’s best team, on the transfer list. In addition to winning Master Copenhagen, the team also secured a first-place finish at 2022 EMEA Challengers Stage 1, a second-place finish at Stage 2, and a fourth-place finish at 2022 VCT Champions. 

Despite the impeccable record, FPX is reportedly planning to release its roster as Riot’s selection criteria place more emphasis on a team’s beliefs, fan base, and long-term sustainability strategy than they do on a player’s past competitive performance.

Riot denies Optics’s entry, crashies and Victor departs 

One of the most consistent and flagship teams in North America, OpTic also failed to secure a spot in the partnered league. The team was the only one to place in the top three in all three international VCT competitions during the whole year, making OpTic one of the strongest contenders for partnership based merely on an interesting lineup. 


Victor “Victor” Wong and Austin “crashies” Roberts both declared they would be free agents and searching for new homes shortly after OpTic was officially dropped from the partnership list. Although the remaining team members have not yet declared their free agency, OpTic, the Masters: Reykjavik champions and 2021 VALORANT Champions runner-up, will likely disband before 2023.

XSET’s roster will allegedly seek a new home in the off-season

The Valorant lineup of XSET is reportedly looking to shift to a partnered organization as a whole, according to sources from Dot Esports. In order to play together in VCT 2023, the roster will look for a position in one of the ten associated teams of VCT Americas 2022 during the offseason.

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