Riot reveals first details about new hero K’Sante

Riot Games unveiled the next League of Legends champion, which will be bringing the total number of available champions... Shubh | 20. August 2022

Riot Games unveiled the next League of Legends champion, which will be bringing the total number of available champions to 162. K’Sante, the upcoming champion, is a top lane tank who is from an unknown part of Shurima. He is anticipated to join the League in late 2022. 

The majority of the Champions that Riot Games disclosed in its April 2022 Champions roadmap have already been made available, but fans can’t wait for the remaining ones to follow suit. Providing fans with an exciting first look, Riot posted a video featuring Ryan “Reav3” Meirelles, lead producer of League of Legends, revealing the upcoming Champion.

K’Sante, the Pride of Nazumah

K’Sante, the 162nd character to be introduced soon, is a highly skilled top lane tank who was first hinted at in the champion Roadmap in April 2022. K’Sante comes from a remote region of Shurima in the city of Nazumah, as seen in the teaser film. According to the lore, Nazurmah is one of several Shurima cities that have degenerated to the point where its citizens must scrape together whatever resources they can to survive.

The hunter K’Sante guides the Nazumah tribe in their struggle against the enormous creatures that prowl their territory. K’Sante is equipped with a Ntofos weapon, a huge, overpowered, blunt weapon that can be used for both offense and defense. His weapon, which he created out of the corpses of creatures he has killed, can change between a shield and a blade. The Champion can shed Ntofos’ ungainly shell to use its internal sharpened blades, which can cut through any foe with lightning speed.

It appears that K’Sante will have a dual-class that comprises both a tank and a bruiser given his adaptable weapon. Like Gnar, K’Sante might also require players to be able to flip between his two modes owing to the fact that his defensive mode regenerates slowly, leaving him vulnerable.

New LoL champion Pride of Nazumah

K’Sante- The pride of Nazumah. Image credit: Riot Games

Release Date

Reav3 provided more details about the release timeline and enhancements for the next champions in a Reddit thread. K’Sante is expected to hit the Rift during the early preseason, which might happen at the end of this year. According to Mireles, three new champions will be added to LoL by 2023, including K’Sante, a fourth Darkin, and an enchanter from the Ixtal region. The male Ixtal enchanter and the new Darkin champion have not yet been given a release date by Riot, although it is anticipated that they will appear in late 2022 or early 2023. As many of Ahri’s skins still need to be updated, it has also been said that her ASU will launch in the first few months of 2023.

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