Riot confirms: League of Legends login screens may return soon

Anyone who hasn’t started playing League of Legends in the last two or three years will remember the famous... Yasser | 8. July 2024

Anyone who hasn’t started playing League of Legends in the last two or three years will remember the famous “login screens.” These were the first step for users entering the Fields of Justice to battle opponents in ranked games and ARAMs. The fact is: they no longer exist today, and many people are unhappy about it.

With the end of the login screens, some of the most dedicated League of Legends players criticized the company and demanded their return on Reddit forums.

“To be quite honest, it was really sad that they did this. At least in my opinion. The feeling of opening League of Legends and seeing a login screen I had never seen before, with a new beautiful skin or some different event, made me excited and eager to log in and play. It felt like I was entering a fantasy world!” said one game fan.

Rioter responds to user’s post

What he didn’t expect was that Rioter Tryndamere, one of the creators of Riot Games, would respond to the request and question from the player of the most popular MOBA today.

“Yeah, I know. We’re working on something similar that can satisfy that feeling and experience you mentioned is missing. There are many, many things we have to fix!”

Despite the response, Rioter Tryndamere didn’t elaborate further or provide any specific prediction or date for when this might happen. However, for fans of the alogin screens, it’s already a great sign.

Special Login Screens You Probably Didn’t Know About


Elise Login Screen (Image: League of Legends / Riot Games)

When the player who made the request on Reddit talked about getting excited and anxious to log into the game, he likely referred to a time when the login screens announced or teased a new feature, such as a champion, skin, or event. Some login screens have indeed made their mark on history. Jinx’s launch, for example, is one of the most remembered by players. Another unique login screen was that of the champion Elise, who, if you stayed long enough without logging in, would talk to you.

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