Respawn reworks Apex TDM in just one day

During Season 16, Revelry gained the most significant number of players in the history of Apex Legends. It can... Maria | 17. February 2023

During Season 16, Revelry gained the most significant number of players in the history of Apex Legends. It can be said that much of the success can be attributed to the committee’s focus on the casual player base with the Team Deathmatch game mode. It appears for the first time Apex Legends Mobile and has been confirmed to remain a permanent game mode, taking the place of Arenas.

However, despite the great response to the traditional game mode, Apex TDM received numerous complaints and bugs. All of which hindered or affected the user experience. Respawn took note right away and, a day after the release of Season 16, announced adjustments to the game mode that would fix all outstanding issues.

About Team Deathmatch

Two teams of six Legends compete in team deathmatches on maps from previous Arenas, such as:

  • Party Crasher
  • Habitat 4
  • Skull Town

While competing in a best-of-three for 30 kills format, players can switch legends and teams mid-game, similar to Control. In addition, teams switch sides of the map after each half.

However, teams often left the game early if they lost in the first round, creating unbalanced teams and causing more people to leave until the lobbies were empty.

Players no longer have any opponents to compete against, thus wasting time on manually exiting the game. For the time being, TDM does not impose penalties on players who leave their team, unlike other LTMs such as Control and standard Battle Royale.

Next day patch announcement

Respawn responds to all the criticism of TDM with the announcement of the day two patch; and intends to improve the game mode in future releases.

Adding drop penalties prevents players from joining any mode for some time. In addition, the violations are lengthened with continued violations. Another measure implemented by the developers is to shorten matches; matches should now only last one round of 50 kills. This further reinforces the idea of persuading players to quit early.

The fourth anniversary of Apex

As part of Apex’s fourth-anniversary celebration, the game brings The RA Nemesis, a new collection event with enhanced classes and a new Mixtape playlist.

In the playlist, fan-favorite limited-time game modes such as Control and Gun Run will now be permanently available.

Team Deathmatch will continue until March 7 for three weeks before joining the rotating Mixtape LTM playlist. This Friday, February 17, at 5 PM CT, join the official Twitch Rivals channel for an in-depth conversation about what tweaks to expect in the upcoming Team Deathmatch (TDM) game.

Header: Respawn Entertainment