Respawn opens its third studio

Respawn, the developer of the Apex Legends title, is opening a third studio, a fact that reaffirms its commitment... Maria | 21. March 2023

Respawn, the developer of the Apex Legends title, is opening a third studio, a fact that reaffirms its commitment to the game.

With each passing year, the popularity of Apex Legends grows more and more; this has been demonstrated after the launch of season 16 last February. The title’s fourth anniversary saw the highest number of players in the game’s history. The developer intends to continue this growing game trend and opens a third studio.

Respawn opens its third studio

To release the information, Respawn’s senior creative director Evan Nikolich has made a publication on the Twitter account. The post confirms that the developer is opening the doors of a new studio that will be located in Madison, Wisconsin.

Although Respawn is simultaneously developing Star Wars: Jedi Survivor with Apex Legends, the new studio’s initial efforts will focus on Apex. The Vancouver and Los Angeles studios will join the Madison studio to generate great content for all game fans.

Heading up the Madison studio is Ryan Burnett, who Respawn has hired to head the Madison studio. The new director gained notoriety while working after working as a production manager at Epic Games. He then worked at Raven Software, the developer of Call of Duty.

Burnett has commented on his new position as director, saying that the process was natural and happened quickly. However, he also clarifies that the new studio will not work on a new title; all its efforts will focus on Apex Legends.

Commitment to Apex Legends

With the opening of the new studio, many fans are relieved by Respawn’s dedication to Apex. However, with the closure of Apex Legends Mobile and the layoff of some Electronic Arts workers, fans of the title were worried about what would happen to the game in the long run.

To calm the gaming community’s concerns, Respawn’s vice president, Daniel Suarez, has commented on the company’s long-term compromise to Apex Legends. He also comments that the game is a priority for the developer.

Suarez believes the Apex franchise will succeed for over 15 years and looks forward to seeing it.

Apex Legends Updates

Respawn has backed up everything it has promised the community with deeds. With the new shooting range update, the improvements incorporated into the game, and the increased security, the developer team demonstrates the improvements in the quality of the title.

Many new ideas have been incorporated into the battle royale for the recent Apex season. In addition, the class system, Mixtape playlist, and other significant improvements to the game have been revamped. Thanks to all the improvements incorporated into the title, season 16 has become the most popular. But remember, you have until May 9 to enjoy this season.

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