Rank system in Apex Legends

In Apex Legends, the rank system is divided into seven levels; as in all games, some levels are more... Maria | 19. March 2023

In Apex Legends, the rank system is divided into seven levels; as in all games, some levels are more critical than others.

The order from lowest to highest in Apex levels is as follows:

  • Rookie
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Predator Master

In the beginning, we mentioned seven levels, but in reality, there are six. The reason is that the Rookie-level cannot be descended since it is an initiation level for new players, so it is excluded from the levels.

Usually, the accounts that have not moved up from the Rookie-level is that they have not played enough to be incorporated into the other levels.

The idea of all these levels is to create a kind of bell curve where the players are distributed. In other words, it wouldn’t make sense for a game to have players in very high or very low levels with an extensive rank system.

Rank system in Apex Legends

The Apex-level distribution was updated by Respawn Entertainment some time ago, at the end of season 13. In the level distribution system, players who have not spent enough time in the mode can be excluded. Therefore, the data can show a better distribution of really interested players by eliminating players who have only participated in a few games of this mode in a season.

Season 13 level distribution

The level distribution for August last year was as follows:

  • 22% for the bronze level
  • 22% for the silver level
  • 5% for the gold level
  • 57% for platinum level
  • 05% for diamond level
  • 45% for Master Predator level
Screenshot 17

Credits: Apex Legends Status

In Apex, since the inclusion of leveling down, Respawn measures the distribution of players according to the maximum rank that can be reached within a game; instead of the ranking status when calculating the data.

However, after season 14, the data for ranking levels has no longer been disclosed. So it is challenging to determine the current status in Apex due to the lack of information as the level data is not shared.

To know an estimate of the ranking levels, players must resort to Apex Legends Status. According to that website, the approximate distribution is as follows.

  • 19% for bronze level
  • 78% for the silver level
  • 76% for the gold level
  • 54% for platinum level
  • 03% for diamond level
  • 47% for the Predator Master level.

However, this data includes all players; Apex Legends Status cannot remove players with less than 10 hours played as Respawn does. Consequently, the bronze category is distorted as many casual players do not play the mode. This generates a drop in the accounts at the end of the bronze level.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to determine the exact ranking levels of players who actively participate in ranked games. However, it can be said that currently, the distribution is more like waves than a bell curve.

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