Radiant and Twitch announce Women’s esports Challenger Circuit

Radiant and Twitch announce the esports Challenger Circuit for women’s competitions. In the Raidiant Challenger Circuit, women players will... Maria | 20. April 2023

Radiant and Twitch announce the esports Challenger Circuit for women’s competitions. In the Raidiant Challenger Circuit, women players will have the opportunity to compete in different esports.

Over the years, the opportunities for women in esports have been gradually increasing. Many organizations are doing their bit to make the competitive scene more inclusive; now, women will have another inclusive space thanks to the announcement of the partnership between Radiant and Twitch.

To give a voice to women in the competitive scene, Raidiant joins forces with Twitch and creates the Raidiant Challenger Circuit. In this space, women can compete in five different esports titles.

All about the Raidiant Challenger Circuit

New Meta Entertainment, Inc. has always pursued a more inclusive competitive scene, so they created a platform for female esports broadcasts; we are talking about Raidiant.

Now this platform has created a partnership with Twitch to develop a women’s esports circuit where competitions of these games are included:

  • League of Legends
  • Overwatch
  • Fortnite
  • Rocket League

These five video game franchises will be part of the Raidiant circuit throughout 2023.

Raidiant CEO Heather Garozzo said that her organization wants to bring more events where women find safe and inclusive spaces. She also affirms that Raidiant’s goal is to continue creating opportunities for thousands of women in the industry. On the other hand, Garozzo comments that the appetite for more women’s esports programming is on the rise.

Raidiant Challenger Circuit Schedules

The dates of the upcoming events on the Raidiant Challenger Circuit have been announced. However, information on what the events will look like on each date is unknown.

  • April 2023: Weekend of April 21-23
  • July 2023: Weekend of 7-9
  • November 2023: Weekend of 17-19
  • January 2024: Weekend of 19-21

Where to watch Raidiant Challenger Circuit events?

Anyone who wants to follow every event of the Raidiant Challenger Circuit can enjoy it on Raidiant’s Twitch channel.

Raidiant and Twitch partnership

For the Raidiant Challenger Circuit, a co-selling agreement has been reached with Twitch. This partnership has been made to continue to grow and to be able to establish partnerships with major video game companies. In addition, with the agreement with Twitch, the promotion of the circuit events can reach higher levels, thus creating a more united community for this tournament program.

Twitch’s global head of sponsorship sales, Lou Garate, has commented on the recent partnership, stating that working hand in hand with Raidiant is an incredible opportunity to expand the women’s platform that Raidiant has already built.

On the other hand, Garete states that Twitch workers wish to be able to take the women’s competitive scene to a higher level.

The Raidiant Challenger Circuit is a great step forward in the fight for women’s inclusion and female empowerment. With this circuit, all female players will have the opportunity to be much more visible.

With the growth of esports, it is of utmost importance that women are well represented. That has been the work that Raidiant has been doing for some time now; the following events have demonstrated it:

  • Psyonix Ally Women’s Open
  • Blizzard Calling All Heroes Challengers Cup
  • The Radiant Challengers Circuit

On the other hand, Raidiant executives have commented that women have always been present in video games, so it is important to defend the impact of women in this industry. In addition, they claim that thanks to the sponsors of the Raidiant Challenger Circuit, they can make the growth of many women in esports continuous and stable.

Header: RaidiantGG | Twitter