R6 NAL: TSM Secure 2nd Major Slot!

After Spacestation have done it, TSM are now also heading to the Major. Even though the last day of... Fabio | 22. July 2021

After Spacestation have done it, TSM are now also heading to the Major. Even though the last day of matches hasn’t been played out yet, their lead is large enough to remain in the Top 4 anyways. But who has a shot at making it alongside them?

This list has been shrinking for days now. Only DarkZero Esports, Susquehanna Soniqs, and Disrupt Gaming remain. In terms of points, they’re so close to each other that one last match victory will be enough to qualify.

Susquehanna Soniqs could have been done already! On Day #8, they matched up with TSM and had the chance to secure second place. Instead, the Team SoloMid players won on a 7-4 scoreline. Spacestation Gaming, who don’t need the points anymore, wanted to make a statement anyways. They delivered an effortless 7-0 finish over XSET in which every SSG individual earned a positive rating. DarkZero shot Oxygen Esports out of Major contention on an 8-7 scoreline, making sure that, from the 2020 Top 4, only SSG and TSM are confirmed to go to the Major already. Disrupt achieved a quick 7-4 scoreline over Mirage and thus shattered the hopes of this team as well.


Now, the story revolves around Disrupt Gaming, Susquehanna Soniqs, and DarkZero Esports. Even if Team SoloMid and Spacestation Gaming were to lose, which seems highly unlikely given the last few weeks, they’ll remain in the Top 4 and in Major contention.

SSG are going up against the last-placed team of the league. After beastcoast had struggled for wins for all eight days so far, they won’t be able to secure any on the last match day either. After all, SSG have already recorded a 7-0 over XSET, who themselves had been stronger than beastcoast before.

DarkZero, the designated overtime squad, is going up against a realistic opponent. If they manage to break their overtime curse, they might place ahead of Soniqs. This can only happen if Soniqs lose to Disrupt or at least leave regulation time as well. Otherwise, their one point lead over DZ and Disrupt will help them to a safe third place.

Since these two teams will have to divide the last remaining points up among each other, DarkZero get the chance to secure the Major slot with a single victory over XSET. They just need to avoid overtime, then the fourth place will be their absolute minimum – no matter what the rest does!

In the meantime, Team SoloMid are going up against Oxygen Esports. This match doesn’t matter all that much for TSM, and Oxygen won’t break out from the middle of the pack either. However, Davide “FoxA” Bucci and his men can still earn some valuable points. In any case, Stage 2 isn’t a great great showing for them anyways. Not after they had made first place in Stage 1.