Quinn moves to Europe and joins Gamin Gladiators

It seems that Quinn “Quinn” Callahan has had enough of North American Dota. The region is in serious decline,... Radu M. | 7. December 2022

It seems that Quinn “Quinn” Callahan has had enough of North American Dota.

The region is in serious decline, with esports organizations like Evil Geniuses and top players like Quinn choosing to emigrate to other parts of the world.

Quinn’s decision to move to Europe

At just 23, Quinn is one of the most respected players in the game. His career so far has been quite impressive, even though he’s never won a Major or The International. He finished in the top 12 and even the top eight multiple times. But his team was always one of the underdogs in the race.

Quinn’s best results were regional. In North America, he won a few Dota Pro Circuit tours and demonstrated that he can outclass the likes of Evil Geniuses. But now that the competitive level in the region has gone down, instead of choosing to capitalize on the situation, he decided to move to a much more competitive region.

Western Europe had three teams in the top three at The International 2022. And Gaimin Gladiators were not among them. They finished 9th-12th and didn’t look for a moment capable of winning the Aegis of Champions.

At first glance, Quinn’s decision to move to Europe seems to be a bad one. His odds of qualifying for anything significant in 2023 are close to zero. There is simply too much competition in this region. Even with four available spots, it feels like mission impossible.

The reason why Quinn chose to leave North America probably has to do with his desire to compete at the highest level and to perfect himself, even if that involves a bad season.

As for Gaming Gladiators, they obviously needed a strong position 2 player after they lost Miroslav “BOOM” Bican, who moved to Team Secret.

Gamin Gladiators’ upcoming season in WEU

Gamin Gladiators had several impressive results in 2022. They won Tour 1, finished second in Tour 2, placed fourth at ESL One Stockholm, and then managed to avoid relegation in Tour 3. At The International, they finished in the top 12, which wasn’t a bad result.

The only major problem is this: part of the reason why Gladiators were so successful in 2022 was BOOM. Without his contribution, this team is much weaker. There’s a reason why Clement “Puppey” Ivanov took this player. He is very strong in the position 2 role and knows how to help his team effectively.

If Quinn can’t replicate what BOOM used to do for his teammates, Gladiators will almost certainly fail in 2023.

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