Quinn harshly criticizes NA Dota

Quinn “Quinn” Callahan is one of the most talented Dota 2 players from the North American region. Except he’s... Radu M. | 30. January 2023

Quinn “Quinn” Callahan is one of the most talented Dota 2 players from the North American region. Except he’s no longer playing in that region. At the end of 2022, he decided to move to Western Europe in order to keep his career alive and find new opportunities for improvement.

In his view, North America is the weakest Dota 2 region in the world and he did not see its potential in the future. That made him decide to take a big risk and move to Europe. Fortunately for Quinn, things have worked out for him. Gaimin Gladiators, his new team, finished Tour 1 in second place and qualified for the Lima Major.

Quinn’s Criticism

In a recent interview, Quinn spoke about the difference between his Western European and North American experiences. And what he basically said was that in North America, he was able to win while sleeping “for half of the games”. The players in the region are too predictable and the competitive level is quite low.

Meanwhile, in Western Europe every match is difficult and you get to play against “actual opponents”. This means that it’s a bit more stressful but it’s the kind of stress that Quinn actually enjoys.

The possibility to enhance your skills is always something to cherish, no matter what esport you are competing in. As someone once said, you can only get better by playing a better opponent. For Quinn, North America was not the ideal place to do that.

But in Europe, he’s constantly getting challenged by better players. His ability to play mid is exceptional but he’s far from being the best at this role. And that’s exactly what he likes about this region. He gets to compete against “actual opponents”.

For Quinn, the North American region is dying, at least at the pro level. People might still play pub games but they’re not as strong as they used to be. Back in 2015, when Evil Geniuses were winning The International, North America was really good at Dota 2.

But nowadays, there are very few teams and players who have the ability to compete against the world’s best. And most of those players aren’t even from North America. They’ve been imported from Europe, Southeast Asia, and other parts of the world.

It seems that the North American culture makes Dota 2 a tough game to get into and very few people are willing to put in the thousands of hours required to master it. For people like Quinn, that’s a good reason to leave the region.

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