PUBG Mobile launches online portal for tournament licensing ESPORTS HUB

PUBG Mobile launches an online portal for tournament licensing, and the new portal bears the name “ESPORTS HUB.” ESPORTS... Maria | 29. April 2023

PUBG Mobile launches an online portal for tournament licensing, and the new portal bears the name “ESPORTS HUB.”

ESPORTS HUB, the new PUBG Mobile tournament licensing portal.

Recently, PUBG Mobile announced the launch of a new website designed to provide in-game tournament licensing grants. ESPORTS HUB is created to simplify the application for a PUBG Mobile event license to any person or organization.

Thanks to this new tool, everyone who wants to organize a PUBG Mobile Esports tournament can do it more simply. Furthermore, the web application developers have implemented changes and improvements to boost PUBG Mobile esports, as obtaining a license will be easy.

In addition, the amateur competitive environment will be much more complete with the help of ESPORTS HUB.

How does ESPORTS HUB work?

ESPORTS HUB is designed to allow tournament organizers to choose between four levels during the license application process. Each of the levels represents the tournament size.

Each of the ESPORTS HUB levels is different from the others. So people who want to host an event can choose what size they plan to host during the application.

With these ESPORTS HUB levels, tournament organizers can create events for small groups of amateur players and events on another scale where professional players participate.

Many will wonder what they need to do to obtain a license. To apply, individuals must register on the website and specify all the information about the tournament they wish to organize. The next step is to upload all the necessary documentation.

The best thing about this website is that people applying for a license can see immediate information about the application status.

PUBG M how to apply

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Licensed Tournaments

All licensed tournaments will be able to earn a spot in the Pro League playoffs. So amateur PUBG Mobile players have the opportunity to reach a professional level. But that’s not all, and tournament organizers also have the opportunity to collaborate as sponsors.

Overall this new website ESPORTS HUB aims to generate many opportunities for development in PUBG Mobile esports. In addition, as we discussed before, this website will be the easiest and fastest way to get licenses for esports events of the game.

On the other hand, ESPORTS HUB will provide tools for event organizers to be more likely to succeed in these competitions. In turn, PUBG Mobile amateur players will have more scenarios where they can demonstrate their skills and reach a professional environment.

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