PSG TNA leave Fortnite’s competitive scene

One of the big esports organizations and, above all, very recognized in Fortnite’s competitive scene has decided to abandon... Eduardo | 2. June 2023

One of the big esports organizations and, above all, very recognized in Fortnite’s competitive scene has decided to abandon ship: PSG TNA.

PSG TNA has surprised the Fortnite community worldwide after announcing its withdrawal from the competitive scene. This move joins several that have occurred in recent months regarding Fortnite, as many top-tier organizations have decided to jump ship, citing financial problems.

Now, when everything seems to indicate that the Fortnite competitive scene could see an upturn following the tournaments that have been recently announced, right now, new concerns are emerging in the scene.

PSG TNA announces its exit from the Fortnite competitive scene

PSG TNA has announced via its official Twitter account the organization’s exit from the Fortnite competitive scene.

The popular French and European soccer club PSG partnered with Team New Age (TNA) in mid-2022 and formed a Fortnite roster packed with talents, which took them to the top of the competitive scene. However, as different organizations have alleged, different financial problems prevent PSG TNA from continuing in Fortnite.

This 2023 has been a terrible year for the Fortnite community, as in recent months, we have observed how top organizations, such as CLG, NRG, Sentinels, and TSM, have decided to leave the island. Now, PSG TNA joins this list that, without a doubt, looks set to continue to grow in the coming months.

As noted in the statement, PSG TNA thanks the players and staff for bringing the team to the top in the Fortnite competitive scene. In addition, they also thank the team’s fans, as they had “unwavering” support during this Fortnite journey.

TNA explains the reasons for the decision

Aaron Kirshenberg, the CEO of TNA, shared a video on his Twitter account explaining why PSG TNA decided to leave the Fortnite scene.

While it is true that the video is somewhat long, the most relevant of TNA Kirsh’s statements was that the current financial situation in Fortnite and esports is not ideal, so he does not consider that it makes sense to continue operating in this way.

Players are free agents

The former PSG TNA players, extremely recognized in the Fortnite scene, have become free agents. However, there is no doubt that the name that catches the most attention is the 18-year-old Australian, Muz. This player has managed to become the FNCS champion three times.

However, it is also worth mentioning Kewl and Yumi, both of whom won the C3S3: FNCS – Grand Finals: North America West.

Like them, several players are now at large, and it is unknown what will happen, as there are currently very few top-tier organizations in the Fortnite competitive scene.

However, others, such as Tundra Esports and Dignitas, have decided to go for competitive Fortnite, and one of them will likely snap up some of these names who are now free agents.

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