Prepare for Fortnite MEGA

The new season of Fortnite is baptized as “Mega,” and we can finally say that it has begun. Season... Maria | 11. March 2023

The new season of Fortnite is baptized as “Mega,” and we can finally say that it has begun. Season 2, Chapter 4, arrives reloaded with new features that all game lovers can enjoy.

In the first gameplay played, we could see a big city with a futuristic style centered in Japan. With these details in mind, we will comment on all the new features available in the new season. Chapter 4 finds new areas with map names, new augmentations, vehicles, weapons, and additions.

We can say that the new season is an excellent adventure loaded with many incredible novelties, so without further detours, let’s know all the details.

All about Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

A new region of the map is the first aspect of the new season to be aware of, designed in an urban environment with a futuristic style. The new location is full of high-rise buildings, with many neon colors and rails we can move along.

However, it is not the only novelty. New weapons, vehicles, game mechanics, and many other things arrive to keep the game fresh and bring a renewed experience to all Fortnite lovers.

What’s new in the new season

New skins in the battle pass

At the time of a new chapter, a significant point is the new skins included in the battle pass. In this case, the skins are much more eye-catching than the previous ones.

Indeed, there are many new skins, including the skin with Cel Shading aesthetics. In addition, some other skins were inspired by the Japanese style, all with different unlockable types.

Of course, we can’t ignore the collaboration with Attack on the Titans; it will be the particular skin of the season, which coincides with the end of the series.

New map

Among the new features of the new season, we have the new Mega map, which has been a big surprise for everyone. Unfortunately, we do not know the names of the areas on the new map. Still, apart from the futuristic Japanese area, we also find areas more similar to colonial Japan.

In these new areas, Unreal Engine 5 and the possibilities offered by Lumen, the lighting system of the new graphics design, will be exploited to the fullest.

New weapons, vehicles, and augmentations

In the case of the new season, are included:


A new Pump shotgun, rifles, and some weapons leave the chamber to return this season.

In addition, we will have a katana to complement the Japanese style of the season.

nuevas armas fortnite mega 2979494

Credits: Epic Games


We will have new motorcycles that run on power and not fuel like traditional vehicles. Also, new versions of cars.

Similarly, new features have been included in the way players move around. For example, in Fortnite Mega, rails will allow us to slide through areas faster; we can say, in the style of zip lines, but in skateboarding.

fortnite mega novedades 2979578

Credits: Epic Games


In the same way, new augmentations have been added that allow us to enjoy improvements in some skills during the games; these improvements can make a difference in difficult moments.

Definitely, the new season of Fortnite is loaded with fascinating new features that no player should miss.

Header: Epic Games