Parabellum Esports’ future in doubt after mass layoff

Over the past few months, some top-tier organizations have stepped away from the Rainbow Six scene. However, none have... Eduardo | 29. April 2023

Over the past few months, some top-tier organizations have stepped away from the Rainbow Six scene. However, none have shocked the community as much as Parabellum Esports, which announced the layoff of all staff members on April 28.

With this announcement, the future of the Rainbow Six division in the competitive scene in North America is in doubt, as there is currently no active worker in the organization.

Parabellum Esports lays off all staff members

As we mentioned, last April 28, 2023, Parabellum Esports announced the dismissal of all staff members.

This organization was founded in 2020, and only two years later, it was fully purchased by React Gaming Group in 2022. Back then, Parabellum Esports had teams active in the competitive scenes of Smash Bros, CS:GO, iRacing, Rocket League, and Rainbow Six Siege. However, not even a year has passed since this acquisition, and only the R6 lineup remains alive.

On the other hand, this massive layoff in the organization comes after, for several months, different players, technical staff members, and other workers complained publicly on social networks about delays in payments by React Gaming Group.

Micheal “Noobsie” Palmateer was the general manager of the organization’s Rocket League division. At the time (March 18, 2023), he alleged that React owed Rocket League staff 45 days of payments.

Shortly after a month of the organization shutting down its CS:GO and Rocket League divisions, they have gone for a complete shutdown. Furthermore, all of this was made known through the organization’s official Discord channel, as Chris Lama, co-founder of Parabellum Esports, said that all positions within pB are permanently terminated.

Future of the Rainbow Six Siege Team

When the announcement was released, the organization’s R6 squad was still active, leaving a completely uncertain future for the team. However, this was to be expected since, despite having very important and recognized players in the scene, such as Alexander “Skys” Magor and Gabriel “LaXInG” Mirelez, the team only won one of the seven matches played and finished in eighth place in the table.

But, in another message in Discord, Chris Lama assured that pB R6 would continue but did not give details about it.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that this announcement comes just two days after Ubisoft released a new look for pB. Of the profits Ubisoft makes from the sale of these skins, 50% will go to the organization, and as for that, Lama said that the money would be used to pay players and be able to continue the brand.

With all this information, the future of the R6 team is completely uncertain. Besides the fact that the second stage of the R6 NA league starts in September 2023, the team was not scheduled to play in any other tournaments. As a result, fans and the community, in general, will have to wait for official information about what will happen to the team.

React Gaming Group unsuccessful in recent years

There is no doubt that React Gaming Group has been unsuccessful in any of the forays they have made into esports in recent years. In September 2021, they acquired Team BH Esports, another booming Canadian organization in this country. However, just under a year later, the organization ceased all operations.

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