Dallas Fuel and Shanghai Dragons win OWL 2022 Summer Showdown

Overwatch League Summer Showdown has come to a close with Shanghai Dragons winning the East division and Dallas Fuel... Shubh | 12. September 2022

Overwatch League Summer Showdown has come to a close with Shanghai Dragons winning the East division and Dallas Fuel taking the West division. Aside from the $75,000 USD in prize money, Dallas took home three league points while Shanghai took home the same three points but a smaller amount of $50,000 USD in prize money.

Shanghai’s supremacy blew away Seoul Dynasty in the grand final 

The Summer Showdown West’s grand finals got rolling with a fight in Oasis between the Seoul Dynasty and Shanghai Dragons. Following a brutal carnage between the two teams, Seoul was able to dominate the later rounds of the map and earn a 2-1 victory.

With a strong defense that prevented Seoul from seizing complete control of the map, Shanghai Dragons swiftly turned the situation around at Midtown. Taking advantage of its attack round, Dragons was able to secure a comfortable 1-0 victory. In Dorado, similar circumstances led to a similar outcome, with Shanghai’s DPS players putting up a solid display to secure an easy 3-1 victory.

In an attempt to control the situation at Colosseo, Seoul Dynasty was successful in getting past Shanghai’s defenses. Despite the heroic efforts of the Dragons to staunch the bleeding, Seoul maintained total control of the map in the final second and tied the series 2-2.

Despite having equal scores, Seoul veered off course in the next maps and never returned. Shanghai won the championship final with a well-deserved 4-2 victory after putting on a stunning performance at Circuit Roya (3-0) and Busan (2-0). With this incredible triumph—their first Overwatch League event victory of the year—Shanghai Dragons are unquestionably portraying themselves as being as strong as they were at the end of their 2021 season.

East Final Standings:

  • Shanghai Dragons ($50,000)
  • Seoul Dynasty ($35,000)
  • Philadelphia Fusion ($20,000)
  • Guangzhou Charge (-)
  • The Dallas Fuel swept the San Francisco Shock 

Dallas Fuel swept the San Francisco Shock

Dallas put on an impressive performance early on in the series at Lijiang Tower. After some back-and-forth, Fuel were able to dispatch  Shock and capture the map 2-1 to take the lead. Choi “Hanbin” Han-been’s outstanding performance at Hollywood kept Fuel’s momentum going and left no room for the San Francisco team to stage a comeback. Dallas won the map 3-2 and pushed its lead to 2-0 as they managed to endure San Francisco’s ferocious counterattacks in the last round of the map. 

While Kim “Proper” Dong-hyun, Shock’s superstar player, did his best to keep his team from falling, Dallas put forth strategic resistance against him and dominated the Dorado once again. Fuel’s star DPS Kim “SP9RK1E” Yeong-han and support Han “ChiYo” Hyeon-seok rallied through the Shock’s defenses and took down their frontline one by one.

With Dallas rolling the score with a 3-0 advantage, both teams moved on to the fourth map, Colosseo. San Francisco put up a good fight and tried everything to shift the game’s momentum. Nevertheless, Despite their best attempts, Colosseo ended up being just like the previous three maps, with Dallas pushing the bot to a 4-0 victory.

West Final Standing: 

  • 🥇 Dallas Fuel (75,000)
  • 🥈 San Francisco Shock ($50,000)
  • 🥉 Toronto Defiant ($40,000)
  • 4th: Florida Mayhem ($30,00)
  • 5th to 6th: Houston Outlaws, London Spitfire ($15,000)
  • 7th to 8th: Vancouver Titans, Washington Justice (-)

In addition to securing first place finish and $75,000 in prize money, Dallas Fuel also collected three league points, while San Francisco took home two league points. The remaining teams will each receive one league point, which will be added to their season standings in the Overwatch League. 

Header: Robert Paul / Blizzard