Overwatch League Midseason Madness to take place in Korea

The 2023 Overwatch League season is already underway. In addition to the excitement of the first matches after several... Eduardo | 28. April 2023

The 2023 Overwatch League season is already underway. In addition to the excitement of the first matches after several months of waiting, some very important announcements have also been made regarding the Midseason Madness that will take place this season. In addition to announcing the official date, the OWL announced that the tournament will be held in Seoul, South Korea.

This tournament brings together the best teams from both OWL regions (East and West). Undoubtedly, it will be a golden opportunity for fans of this great country to attend one of the most important events of the Overwatch League season.

Midseason Madness 2023 to be Held in Korea

The Overwatch League has taken advantage of the start of the 2023 season to make a really important announcement for all players, teams, and fans. Midseason Madness 2023 will be held at the Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX) in Seoul, South Korea.

The OWL announced that the tournament will feature teams from both regions. In addition, Midseason Madness will be played from June 16-18, 2023, and the juicy prize purse is $900,000.

This announcement marks a historic event for the OWL, as it is the first time that a face-to-face tournament will be held in the APAC region and organized by the League.

Participating Teams

As mentioned, the teams that will fight for the juicy prize pool to be distributed will be from both regions. In the West region, four teams will qualify for the event, of which two of them will be seeded from the Spring Stage Qualifiers and the other two from the Spring Stage Knockouts.

On the other hand, teams from the East Region will qualify only from the Spring Stage Knockouts and can play both OWL teams and Contenders.

Tickets for this extraordinary event will be available for purchase starting May 15, 2023, and the total capacity will be 3,075 fans.

OWL takes advantage of the start of the season to make the announcement

A few minutes before the kickoff of the 2023 OWL season, the organizers gave the details regarding Midseason Madness. But, on the other hand, it is worth remembering that the East Region has only six teams in the season right now, which is why the number of spots for the Midseason Madness will be distributed among the OWL and Contenders teams.

The Midseason Madness event held in 2022 was used to promote the launch of Overwatch 2, as the tournament was played in the game’s beta. In addition, in the previous edition, we participated in 12 OWL teams, where teams from the east region played in their bases. On the other hand, those from the West had to travel to be able to play with relatively equal ping.

In this tournament, the Los Angeles Gladiators won the championship trophy and $500,000 in prizes after defeating the San Francisco Shock in the grand final with a 4-2.

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