Overwatch 2 Season 4 will bring hero rework

The news of Overwatch 2 never ceases to surprise the community. Although the mid-season update has just appeared, some... Maria | 14. March 2023

The news of Overwatch 2 never ceases to surprise the community. Although the mid-season update has just appeared, some details that will be part of the next season are already known. Among these details, it is known that some of the game’s heroes will undergo specific changes.

The developers strive to provide the game’s fans with balanced heroes; that is why so many changes have been made in the last few months, and others will be made in the coming months.

As mentioned before, the mid-season update has just arrived. So we still have to wait a while to see the changes implemented in the heroes; however, some details are already known, and here we tell you all about them.

New versions of the heroes

So far, we know that the heroes that will have a new version are: Mercy, Cassidy, Mei, and Sombra.


The first hero we will talk about is Mercy. Despite undergoing significant changes for the current season, she is not enough for the developers. She will bring more changes even though she was one of the most-played heroines in season 3.

The developers want her to be a more balanced heroine, as she is now too strong to heal herself and other low HP items. Because of this, many feel she is too strong to take on.


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Like Mercy, Cassidy is one of the heroes with great success. This is because he is one of the strongest heroes in the game’s current meta. However, he is presenting some problems with his magnetic grenade, and the community has expressed annoyance.

The developers will try in the next season to balance the incredible power of the magnetic grenade. The damage it produces is considerable, and the cooldown time is short so that it can be used several times.

1600 Cassidy

Credits: Blizzard Entertainment


Like the other heroes on the list are expected to undergo some changes for the next season. Mei was one of the heroines who received significant changes and was expected to have a great reception from the fans. However, this did not happen this way; people have not noticed what Mei offers us.

Therefore, for the next season, Mei’s slowdown power will receive improvements, she will no longer be able to use the control to freeze enemies, but it will slow them down. Additionally, the developers seek to improve the attractiveness of the heroine.

mei featured

Credits: Blizzard Entertainment


This heroine has reached the top of the game’s meta; however, with the latest updates, she is no longer as beloved as before. The community has expressed their opinion and considers that they have taken away a lot of power, even more than they should.

Therefore, in season 4, she is expected to receive improvements to increase her power. Like the other heroes on the list, they seek a balance of their powers, decreasing their current great power. In the case of Sombra, the balance will be the opposite; the changes will be made to make her stronger.

4051619 sombra

Credits: Blizzard Entertainment

For the moment, we have to wait for the current season to come to an end. Unfortunately, we do not know a release date for the next season, so we still have to wait to test the changes implemented in the heroes.

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