Overwatch 2 season 3 brings a new hero?

With every nerf and buff in the game’s updates, the Overwatch 2 meta continually evolves and changes. And as... Maria | 3. February 2023

With every nerf and buff in the game’s updates, the Overwatch 2 meta continually evolves and changes. And as new heroes arrive, the changes become more noticeable. For example, Junker Queen and Kiriko were two new characters that made their appearance with the release of OW2, and Ramattra, an instant meta tank, was introduced in Season 2. So in just a few months, the world has gained three new heroes.

Although all heroes need balance adjustments, fans of the game find the idea of having a new hero every few months exciting. As a result, many game lovers wonder if, with the third season’s release, the roster of heroes will expand again.

With less than a week to go before the arrival of this new season, Blizzard is announcing details about the next season of Overwatch 2. While we wait for more information, we will tell you all the details we know.

Will we see a new hero in the third season of Overwatch 2?

Many may not like the news that there is no new hero for this third season of Overwatch 2. But it’s not all bad news; we will see a new OW2 control map, Antarctica, and as a curious fact, there will be penguins.

After the release of Ramattra in the second season, Blizzard announces that the release of new heroes is every two seasons. Although the third season includes a new map, battle pass, and other content, there will not be a new hero.

This indicates that the next new OW2 hero will not appear until April 2023. However, the OW2 developers have two support heroes ready for this year to complement this role.

Start date of the third season of OW2

Overwatch 2 Season 3 is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, February 7, 2023, lasting precisely nine weeks. Content will be available starting at 8 pm CET.

Battle Pass

As usual, players can expect a new battle pass packed with cosmetics. This also includes a new epic rarity skin for Kiriko called Amateratsu.

Remember that this is the reward for reaching level 80 of the pass, as long as you have acquired it.

Other details

These are some details about what is coming in the new season.

One of the executive producers of the game, Jared Neuss, comments that in season 3 the lack of options in the rewards of the game will be solved, alluding to the fact that there will be more ways to get gold coins.

The game’s director, Aaron Keller, promises that this new season will have new skins and modes that the community will like.

According to leaker OverwatchNaeri, the prices of the legendary skins from the first game will be adjusted to 1500 credits; all previous skins will always be sold in the store, including event skins.

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