OpTic Dashy sets three season records in CDL Major 2 qualifier against FaZe

There is no doubt that in recent weeks the name Brandon “Dashy” Otell has been on the lips of... Eduardo | 31. January 2023

There is no doubt that in recent weeks the name Brandon “Dashy” Otell has been on the lips of many people in the community but for different controversies. But, Dashy has been in charge of closing mouths one by one in each performance with OpTic Texas in the Major II Qualifiers.

After working in the dark and in silence for several weeks, trying to make amends for his statements in moments of anger that led him to the team’s bench for a few weeks. But COD always gives you a second chance, and, with the retirement of Scump, Dashy took the baton in OpTic to make disasters in every game he played.

Dashy, or rather “Bruce Wayne”

Dashy is nicknamed “Bruce” by his teammates due to his deep voice, similar to Batman and his late-night sleep/streaming routines. There’s no doubt that Dashy’s season has been in the spotlight for the Green Wall after being cut from the squad a couple of times due to internal issues.

But after Seth “Scump” Abner announced his retirement from the competitive COD scene, the team recalled Dashy to the starting lineup with the phrase “I’m going down so you can come up,” the MVP candidate is back to his best…. and then some.

Dashy breaks three records in a game against FaZe

In a highly complicated reverse sweep victory over historic rival Atlanta FaZe, Dashy totaled a whopping 115 kills, no less. With this amount of kills, the player set a record in the 2022/23 CDL.

According to the (unofficial) CDL BrainStats statistics, the OpTic Texas superstar set a season record with 13,760 damage points. This smashes the previous record of 12,848 set by Seattle Surge’s Daunte “Sib” Gray.

The stats also note that Dashy set a new season record with 41 kills on a single map. This surpasses the 40 set by Colt “Havoc” McLendon of the Florida Mutineers in the first Split.

Records were broken in the CDL

Similarly, Dashy wasn’t the only one breaking records in this match. For FaZe’s terror duo, Chris “Simp” Lehr and Tyler “aBeZy” Pharris also smashed their records.

Simp participated in 237 bouts, setting the 12th-highest damage statistic in the series. While aBeZy made his mark specifically in Search and Destroy, getting the first kill nine times. Notably, most of these kills came at the expense of Anthony “Shotzzy” Cuevas-Castro, as he was found to be the first kill on ten occasions. However, this lethal FaZe duo was no match for OpTic’s knight of the night.

Dashy’s stellar performance has put him back on the map as one of the league’s top players. He will need to continue this momentum if OpTic is to take home the Major 2 trophy in Boston in a few days.

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