OG would make changes to its lineup after disappointing Paris Major

Undoubtedly, after the culmination of the Paris Major, many teams would start adjusting their lineups for the rest of... Eduardo | 25. May 2023

Undoubtedly, after the culmination of the Paris Major, many teams would start adjusting their lineups for the rest of the season. OG, one of the teams with an extremely disappointing performance at the Major, is ready to change its lineup.

These changes are very common after the end of a premier event. So many organizations come in with high expectations, but when they see that they are not fully met, they begin to cut heads from their teams, and, no doubt, the players are the first to be singled out.

According to several reports, OG would be thinking of letting go of two of their CS:GO talents, as they have been allowed to explore their options.

OG would make changes to its CS:GO roster

According to Alejandro “Anonimotum” Gomis, OG has allowed Nikolaj “niko” Kristensen and Shahar “flameZ” Shushan to explore their options for them to get a new home after the team’s disappointing result at the Paris Major.

According to Anonimotum’s report, the Israeli’s contract, flameZ, has ended, and they have not agreed to renew it. On the other hand, it should be noted that Niko had been playing regularly in recent weeks after Nemanja “nexa” Isaković, the team’s superstar and IGL, decided to take a “break” citing “personal reasons.”. Similarly, there is no explanation right now why OG decided to let Niko explore his options.

Niko has been part of OG since 2021 he arrived from Heroic. Moreover, this player has extensive experience in the competitive scene, as his beginnings date back to the 2015 season.

OG is in free fall

OG’s starting lineup has been making different changes in recent months, negatively affecting team play’s development and consistency. In addition, this purely international CS:GO lineup has failed to demonstrate a high level, as expected, in the tournaments they have played recently. As a result, the individual level of the players has suffered, and consequently, the team has failed to perform well.

Without going too far, the team had a disappointing performance at the Paris Major a few weeks ago. Starting from the Challengers Stage, OG did not win a match and were beaten by opponents such as NiP, Team GamerLegion, and ENCE. As a result, the international squad finished the Major in 12th-14th place.

Now, the topic on everyone’s mind is undoubtedly the departure of flameZ, which is a hard blow for the team. The Israeli star was in charge of helping Abdulkhalik “degster” Gasanov during the months that Nexa was not available. In addition, flameZ maintained a very good rating of 1.09, according to HLTV.

Right now, there are several teams interested in acquiring the services of a player as decisive as flameZ, which could mean that it is very likely that we will see the Israeli very soon in a new team.

Header: Stefan Petrescu | PGL