Harrison | 28. October 2022

November full of Fortnite

It’s that time of year when the end of the year is near and every esports scene ramps up its events, trying to conclude the season on a high note. The same can be said for Fortnite, as November is going to be filled with action-packed Fortnite tournaments for the fans to enjoy. 

CCA back with another collegiate Fortnite series

To start things off, College Carball Association (CCA) is back with another collegiate Fortnite tournament series to ensure that top players within the scene are able to make names for themselves.

The third edition of the CCA Collegiate Cup, consists of a regular game mode and Zero build make to make sure that every player gets a chance to participate. The tournament takes place on November 1 and 6 for trios, and on November 3 and 6 for solos. CCA plans to host a $45,000 finals event for Zero Build trios and a $30,000 finals event for regular solos on 6th of November. 

Next is FNCS invitational

Continuing on in the same week after the CAA tournament, Fortnite will bring together some of the best players in the world in one place, which is Raleigh, North Carolina. The tournament is scheduled to take place from November 12 – 13. Fans will be witnessing the highest level of Fortnite known to gamers and the competitors will be going against each other to get the deserved share of the $1 million prize pool. This is the highest prize pool since the Fortnite World Cup, and the winner gets $200,000. 

Dreamhack to join the tournament season with two events

At the end of the month, DreamHack will join the Fortnite season with two events, each featuring solo tournaments with a prize pool of $100 000. 

The first event is set to take place on the weekend of November 18 through 20 in Atlanta, Georgia, where players from all corners of the world will be participating to try their luck for a piece of the prize pool.

One week later, the second tournament will be held during the weekend from November 25 through 27 in Jönköping, Sweden with the same prize pool.

Fortiful future?

With Fortnite esports showing signs of speeding up, fans of the game can be delighted to know that 2023 could hold even more Fortnite action. It is surely a good time to be a pro Fortnite player, as the next year seems to be set to be an exciting year for both pro players and casual gamers.

Header: Epic Games