Nocturne Joins the Legends of Runeterra Roster

The ever-growing Legends of Runeterra champion roster will now have yet another exciting addition: Nocturne! Ever since Riot released... | 19. August 2020

The ever-growing Legends of Runeterra champion roster will now have yet another exciting addition: Nocturne! Ever since Riot released this fantastic Hearthstone competitor, it’s fair to say that it successfully captured the hearts of millions of fans across the globe. It’s a mix of everything, really, and with beautiful visuals and a friendly learning curve, it’s the perfect companion to League of Legends. Or, conversely, a great alternative to the more seasoned CCG titles out there like Magic the Gathering: Arena, Gwent, Hearthstone, Artifact (if anyone’s even playing it these days), etc.

We’ve been getting mouth-watering teases regarding the Call of the Mountain expansion, and needless to say, Legends of Runeterra players are in for a load of fun. This time around, Riot has revealed yet another champion from the Shadow Isles, and is further building on the Nightfall in-game mechanic. 

A Brand-New Mechanic

Players will be able to activate Nightfall if it’s not the first card they play in the round. As for Nocturne specifically, he’s a four mana champion with five power points and three HP. He’s carrying the Fearsome keyword and can make a single enemy Vulnerable while giving all enemies -1 | 0 for the first round he’s summoned. After you’ve attacked with (at least) five Nightfall allies, he’ll level up. His upgraded form is pretty similar with 6/4 stats but with an altered passive. After leveling up, Nocturne will lower the power of his enemies by -1 whenever you play a unit. If you manage to string a couple of procs, you definitely stand a chance of overwhelming your opponent. Obviously, he relies heavily on Nightfall support cards, most of which were also announced mere days ago.

But here’s the real kicker: an upgraded Nocturne grants all of his allies Fearsome. This, of course, synergizes perfectly with his passive. You could, at best, end up with a slew of allies that’ll be able to attack your opponent directly.

You can see Nocturne in action in his Legends of Runeterra announcement video!

Closing Remarks

Such an exciting batch of cards will surely affect the game and its current meta. Taric, Lulu, Trundle, and Nocturne will surely usher in a different kind of status quo. That’s not always a positive thing, but LoR could certainly use a bit of a shake-up, including new sets and keywords! As always, experiment to your heart’s content before playing any ranked;  new and exciting strategies will surely pop up on a daily basis!

Nocturne (and the entire Call of the Mountain expansion) will hit live servers on August 26th!