CS:GO – NiP Get Their First Important Title With device

After 7 months of trying and constantly failing, NiP has finally done it. The team won IEM Fall: Europe,... Radu M. | 10. October 2021

After 7 months of trying and constantly failing, NiP has finally done it. The team won IEM Fall: Europe, which happens to be one of the most important tournaments of the season simply because it offers a lot of RMR points, which in turn help secure a spot at the upcoming PGL Major. Thanks to this victory, NiP qualified for the event from 1st place in Europe and will be one of the Legend-status teams at the tournament, along with Vitality, G2, and the top teams from the other big regions.

IEM Fall: Europe Results

IEM Fall: Europe started well for NiP. In fact, the Swedish team rarely gets such a good start. With 5 consecutive wins over opponents like FaZe Clan, Fiend, and Fnatic, device and his crew won Group D and qualified for the Playoffs. Here, their first match was against Movistar Riders. This should have been an easy battle but the Spanish team played much better than expected, at least on the first 2 maps.

NiP won on Ancient (16 – 14), which is their second-best map, but lost on Inferno (16 – 19), on which they had a huge win rate of around 75%. The third map was Nuke and device, despite having a mediocre performance, secured just enough rounds for his team to give them the momentum they needed. In the end, NiP won with a score of 16 – 5.

Overall, device played well in this match, finishing with the highest rating 2.0 of all 10 players: 1.24. His K-D score was 65 – 45, which is not bad at all.

The second map of the Playoffs of IEM Fall: Europe was NiP’s biggest test of the tournament. The opponent was Vitality and the French squad looked like they would crush the Swedes very quickly. The first map, Nuke, ended with a score of 16 – 5. Vitality wasn’t known for its Nuke prowess and NiP had just demolished Movistar on it. So we can’t blame them for picking it. But it seems that Vitality had read their intention and had prepared intensively for this specific map.

Maps 2 and 3 were the complete opposite of the first. NiP won on Overpass with a score of 16 – 9 and on Inferno with an even more dominant score: 16 – 2. As usual, device played his part and did an excellent job when it really mattered. On Vitality, only ZywOo was at the level required against this type of opponent.

Grand Final

The Grand Final was a bit anticlimactic and the main reason for that was NiP’s opponent. Somehow, ENCE defeated both G2 and Astralis in the Quarterfinals and Semifinals, and thus got the opportunity to face device in the final match of the tournament. But his team was more than ready. The score was 3 – 1 in favor of NiP, which started with a win on Overpass (16 – 8), lost on Mirage (7 – 16), and then crushed ENCE’s morale on Ancient (16 – 14). Nuke was a simple formality: 16 – 6.

Throughout the whole match, device was instrumental in his team’s victory. His rating 2.0 was 1.36, the highest on the server.


Photo credit: IEM|Stephanie-Lieske