New York Subliners: CDL Stage 1 Major winners

The CDL Stage 1 Major is history, and we have a champion team. The New York Subliners made one... Eduardo | 19. December 2022

The CDL Stage 1 Major is history, and we have a champion team. The New York Subliners made one of the most impressive runs in recent times in the competitive Call of Duty scene.

The New York Subliners crushed the Seattle Surge to take home the championship trophy for the first Major Championship of the 2023 Call of the Duty League season.

The Grand Final

As has been customary in top-level Call of Duty League events, the Grand Final matches are played in a best-of-seven series, which is why the score ended in a crushing 4-1.

First map: Hotel – Hardpoint

The Hotel was the setting for the first map of the Grand Final, which resulted in a spectacular and entertaining match.

The favorites of this Grand Final, the Seattle Surge, were very close to reaching 250 points to put the series 1-0 in their favor, but they could not maintain the advantage in the last seconds.

New York took advantage of a mistake and finished off all the rival team members to score the 250 points needed to take the lead on the scoreboard and win the series.

Second map: Market – Search and Destroy

In the second map, the Subliners took a 5-2 lead, which looked like they were in control of the game. But Seattle had a great awakening and took a 5-4 lead.

However, in a 2v2 match, the New Yorkers had the cold blood to find a way to close the SnD to win the second map and put the series 2-0.

Third map: Hotel – Control

The third map was back-and-forth, where the teams traded victories in every offensive they executed. The Surge was content to give up site B and preserve their lives for a massive battle at site A.

This led to a bloodbath between both teams, all players decided to attack simultaneously, and there were many deaths then.

After many intense battles in Hotel, Kimset made a masterful move that allowed New York to take the site and win the third map of the final series.

Fourth map: Market – Hardpoint

As we can see, the series returned to Market for the fourth map in Hardpoint mode, with New York having the opportunity to take the grand final with a 4-0 score against Seattle, who were the favorites to be champions.

This match was exactly what you would expect from a grand final game, two spectacular teams in an intense battle to take home the championship trophy.

Seattle had an identical situation to the first map. With few points to reach 250, they could hold their own, dominate the Subliners and get ahead on the scoreboard to make it 1-3.

Fifth map: Embassy – Search and Destroy

Everything seemed to indicate that Seattle had woken up and could turn the series around if they could win the fifth map, Embassy, again in Search and Destroy.

However, the Subliners didn’t look like they had lost the third map. They were focused and played a great game to win 6-2 and take home the championship trophy.


With the victory, New York Subliners became champions of a Major Championship for the first time.

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