New patch 0.9.45 for PUBG New State Mobile

Details of the upcoming patch 0.9.45 for PUBG New State, due in February, have been revealed. With the update,... Maria | 22. February 2023

Details of the upcoming patch 0.9.45 for PUBG New State, due in February, have been revealed. With the update, Krafton has introduced a lot of exciting stuff. Also scheduled for February 23 from 00:00 to 06:00 UTC is game server maintenance. Therefore, the battlegrounds will be closed while everything is prepared for the month’s update.

The game publisher has not yet announced the release date of the patch notes, but they may be released after the scheduled maintenance on February 23.

PUBG New State Mobile Patch 0.9.45

Blue zone damage increases

PUBG New State developer PUBG New State has increased the damage of the Blue Zone in the second half of the zone. In this way, it aims to increase the competitiveness between players. Unfortunately, leaving the safe circle will deplete your health even faster.

Personalized tracking bullet

This upgrade contains the C2 custom tracking bullet for the Mk47 Mutant weapon. Ten seconds after using this bullet to damage an opponent, you can see where he is. Even if the enemy hides, team members can see where he is. When modified, the C2’s ability to deal damage increases while its ability to regulate recoil decreases.

Other important adjustments

Another important new feature is that Krafton has removed the maximum weight limit for a single purchase through the drone store. In addition to that, users can now open the door while reloading their weapons.

For the training mode, all weapons will have infinite magazines, which means it will no longer be necessary to carry ammunition there.

From now on, sensitivity settings will have six options:

  • Very low
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Very high
  • Customized

After purchasing the new Survival Pass and completing specific missions, PUBG New State will offer you more exciting rewards, such as weapon skins, the Jenny Quick Outfit, and more.

Krafton introduces:

  • New Battle-Royale map LAGNA.
  • Two new vehicles: Rex Pickup Truck and Acton Electric Quad.
  • Cable Car (LAGNA)

Game update after maintenance

If you have problems downloading the new update, you can force close the application or restart the device. You should then download the update again.

It is essential to know that the update may not be immediately available on some devices in the store apps.

If the update button on a store app does not display correctly, follow the steps below:

  • Go to your smartphone’s app store and search for New State Mobile.
  • Then press the download the update button
  • If you have problems downloading the update, go to your smartphone’s storage settings and clear the cache.
  • Now you must go back to the app store, search for New State Mobile, and tap the Update button to download the update.

Header: Krafton