Fragster | 16. September 2022

New Overwatch 2 support hero Kiriko unveiled

Blizzard has shown the first gameplay for Overwatch 2 support hero Kiriko. The new heroine will be playable when Overwatch 2 launches in just under three weeks. There’s also good news for seasoned Overwatch players, as Kiriko will be available for free to anyone who previously purchased the game. Here’s all the information about the new support heroine Kiriko.

Sojourn, Junker Queen, and now Kiriko. With the upcoming release of Overwatch 2, we will be able to play with a new DPS, tank, and support. It had been known for a while that Kiriko would be the new healer, but now Blizzard has finally revealed footage showcasing what we can expect from this fox girl.

Kiriko’s weapons and abilities

Let’s start with their weapon, namely the kunai. It’s sort of like a throwing knife that she throws at her opponent. Her passive is Wallclimbing and Kiriko’s first ability is Swift Step, a skill that allows her to teleport to teammates. This works even if there are obstacles between her and her teammate.

Her most powerful basic ability is definitely “Protection Suzu,” a skill that allows teammates near her to become immortal for a short time, similar to Baptist’s Immortality Field. Protection Suzu also eliminates unpleasant effects such as crowd control

Kiriko is a support force, so don’t forget a teammate’s healing ability called “Healing Ofuda” on this new hero. Kiriko summons talismans that heal selected teammates. The last ability is her ultimate ability: Kitsune Rush. With this, the new heroine summons a fox spirit that runs forward and increases the movement speed, attack speed, and cooldown time of all teammates that follow it.

At first glance, Kiriko seems to be primarily a support who wants to stay close to her team so she can use her charms to heal and uses Protection Suzu to bolster her team at the right time.

Overwatch 2 kiriko kit

First feedback from the fans

Some Overwatch players already expressed their first impressions of the hero on the internet, and the feedback was rather mixed. Some people have noticed how “cluttered” her kit seems to be compared to other characters. “Two different charms, wall climbing, team-dependent teleport, speed boost, invulnerability AND cleanse?” said one of the comments. 

However, we won’t know how effective Kiriko really is until she’s released alongside Overwatch 2 on October 4, 2022. On the other hand, the community commended the developers for creating another support that doesn’t feel like yet another generic healer.

Header: Blizzard Entertainment