New Multiview option on PlayApex’s official Twitch channel

EA and ALGS debuted their new Multiview option on the official PlayApex Twitch channel during the Apex Global Legends... Maria | 31. January 2023

EA and ALGS debuted their new Multiview option on the official PlayApex Twitch channel during the Apex Global Legends Series weekend. This new option allows fans to move between multiple players and teams, watch matches from any player’s perspective, and much more.

How the Multiview option Works

Customization of display options

Viewers can enjoy the ALGS broadcast as usual on PlayApex’s Twitch channel. In addition, they have access to Twitch’s Command Center feature, which offers a variety of new viewing options. For example, viewers could activate a split-screen mode that tracks two to four views at once in Command Center. In addition, viewers had up to 20 different player viewpoints in their customizable grid. Likewise, the option to keep the mainstream in one window and a view showing the current game map.

Audio customization

Just as viewers could customize their ALGS playoff viewing experience, listening to any team’s communications during the game was possible. As a result, viewers could be their observers and listen to the players and teams during the game rather than just watching and listening to what the main telecast had to offer.

Usually, pitched battles are massive and often difficult to follow. Even if a broadcast does its best to follow the action, there are so many players and fights to happen at the same time in a single match that viewers end up missing part of it. Likewise, it’s hard to follow and support your favorite team. But for ALGS, Multiview’s customization is quite revolutionary. It helps to enhance the championship viewing experience.

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Credits: Electronic Arts

Return of Twitch drops

ALGS made the reintroduction of Twitch drops. Users who have their Twitch accounts connected to their EA accounts, linked to whatever platform they are playing Apex on, were able to win in-game cosmetic items.

To win in-game cosmetics, the only requirement viewers had, was to watch the split-one playoff games to acquire these items.

What are Twitch Drops

Twitch Drops is a reward system that streamers and game developers use to incentivize viewers to watch their broadcasts. Drops can include in-game rewards such as skins, loot boxes, and more. Once viewers have watched a stream long enough, they can claim their reward from the “Drops Inventory” page.

Fans could see all the benefits of Multiview during the playoffs of the three main Apex zones on January 22-23, where teams from each zone battled it out for a $125,000 prize.

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