New LEC Spring Split viewership record set

We are on the eve of entering the third and final week of the LEC Spring Split 2023 regular... Eduardo | 22. March 2023

We are on the eve of entering the third and final week of the LEC Spring Split 2023 regular season, and many teams are fighting to lift the champion’s trophy and their ticket to the MSI in the coming months.

As we all know, the formats in different regions are different. While some will make the playoffs, the LEC will enter the Group Stage in the coming weeks. However, before that, they must play their final three games this weekend.

Now, all teams go into this final week of competition with a chance to qualify for the Group Stage, and because of how tight and exciting the matches are, the LEC has broken the record for viewership in this Spring Split 2023.

LEC breaks the viewership record in week 2 of the Spring Split 2023

As we mentioned, all teams have options to qualify for the Group Stage in the LEC Spring Split, so fans have been much more interested in this final stretch of the regular phase. Because of that, Esports Charts has published that the last match of week two between Fnatic and KOI is the most watched match of the tournament, with a maximum peak of 350,834.

This fact may come as a surprise, as both KOI and Fnatic are struggling at the bottom of the table. But remember that they are two of the most popular teams in the entire LEC. Ibai Llanos’ team has a huge fan base, while Fnatic is one of history’s longest-running and most successful esports organizations.

The average number of viewers in the match between KOI and Fnatic was 281,800. In addition, fans were delighted with the possible awakening of Fnatic in this Spring Split after they got an excellent victory.

There is no doubt that the Spanish co-streaming was one of the reasons for this record

It’s no secret how popular KOI’s content creator and owner, Ibai Llanos, is. Before becoming a successful entrepreneur, Ibai built a solid and loyal fan base on his social networks. Thanks to this, this team has had many fans in just its first season in the LEC under this name. According to Esports Charts, Ibai Llanos’ channel registered a peak audience of 475,123 viewers in the Winter Split.

In addition to the fact that we have mentioned, there is no doubt that many fans want to be aware of what is happening with Fnatic. First, remember that the team comes from being eliminated in the regular phase for the first time in its history. In addition, the team made different changes for this Split, trying to improve the results. However, the future is not so easy for the Orange, as they will have to face three very difficult teams in this last week of the regular phase.

Based on what was observed in week 2, the matches are expected to be much more intense this weekend, which means that, most likely, the record number of spectators in some matches will be broken again.

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