NBK returns to CS:GO and signs with MOUZ

Nathan ‘NBK’ Schmitt turns his back on VALORANT and returns to CS:GO, where in the past he used to... | 8. January 2022

Nathan ‘NBK’ Schmitt turns his back on VALORANT and returns to CS:GO, where in the past he used to have great success. Although he was inactive for a long time, he will now try to prove his talent with the German team MOUZ.

The French star player was signed with OG, but has now moved to MOUZ. After struggling to find a new team following his dismissal from OG, NBK announced in June last year that he needed a change of scenery and will therefore join VALORANT. He threw himself into VALORANT training, but as time went on it became clear that it wasn’t what he had hoped for. He decided to return to CS:GO and now joins the German team MOUZ.

Great success with CS:GO

Although he has been inactive since May, him joining the team seems very promising, as NBK brings plenty of expertise and experience that the rest of the lineup lacks. MOUZ just lost their long-time top player Robin ‘ropz’ Kool, who has since been signed by the FaZe Clan. NBK is the second new addition to the team, along with Ádám ‘torzsi’ Torzsás. torzsi came to replace Frederik ‘acoR’ Gyldstrand. Coach Torbjørn ‘mithR’ Nyborg was also recently dismissed by MOUZ.

NBK has played for some of the best CS:GO teams and has managed to take home some prestigious trophies. He has won several international titles during his career, including two CS:GO Major Championships, DreamHack Winter 2014 with LDLC and DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca 2015 with Team Envy. If you take a closer look at NBK’s numbers, you will notice that he has been successful with each of his teams – which is obviously very promising for the future of MOUZ.

Positive vibes for the future

NBK himself is also quite motivated and confident about his future with the new team: “Success will come. The only question is when it will come. I have no doubt that it will work out.” His positive attitude is exactly what a demotivated MOUZ needs right now, because last year didn’t go very gloriously for the German team. Their only highlight was a first place finish in Flashpoint 3. They finished 12th to 14th at the PGL Major Stockholm and ended the year with a last place finish at IEM Winter.

This is the current CS:GO lineup of MOUZ:

  • Ádám ‘torzsi’ Torzsás
  • Christopher ‘dexter’ Nong
  • Nathan ‘NBK’ Schmitt
  • Aurimas ‘Bymas’ Pipiras
  • David ‘frozen’ Čerňanský
  • Dennis ‘sycrone’ Nielsen (Coach)
  • Frederik ‘acoR’ Gyldstrand (Bench)

The new line-up of MOUZ will make its debut for the first time on February 15th at the IEM Katowice play-in. For more CS:GO news check out our Twitter, Youtube and TikTok channel!