NAVI signs PuckChamp roster to compete in DPC

The famous Ukrainian organization, NaVi, has recently made headlines in the news regarding their respective esports divisions. First, it... Eduardo | 28. February 2023

The famous Ukrainian organization, NaVi, has recently made headlines in the news regarding their respective esports divisions. First, it was recently reported that the organization was leaving the Rainbow Six Siege scene, and now, we have that the organization had to make major changes to its Dota 2 lineup to stay afloat.

Recall that NaVi had suffered a major disappointment when they were relegated from the top division of the Eastern European DPC.

NaVi had been linked to PuckChamp

After the organization suffered relegation to the second division, many rumors placed that NaVi would make drastic changes to the lineup and possibly be signing PuckChamp’s lineup. However, the latter team has maintained strong ties with the Ukrainian organization throughout 2022.

Now, last February 27, these rumors were confirmed by the organization, as NaVi announced that they officially signed PuckChamp’s lineup for their Dota 2 division.

As mentioned, the organization took this decision after disappointing results in the top European Dota 2 division. There were other rumors that the organization was thinking about leaving the competitive scene of Dota 2. However, NaVi decided to stay in this esports and will do so in the top division.

What will happen to NaVi’s place in the second division?

Now, this signing of PuckChamp by NaVi, makes the Ukrainian organization’s place available and, as expected, will be occupied by its academy team, NaVi Junior.

With this acquisition, NaVi cannot only remain in Division I. But PuckChamp, a previously unsponsored team, also has the opportunity to gain player and staff salaries, access to training camps, and other important benefits that top-tier esports organizations have. Puckchamp was created in 2021 with several players from UEE countries, but no organization ever signed them.

As mentioned, this news has been rumored on social media for several weeks (specifically since NaVi was relegated to the second division), so it is no surprise to fans. Moreover, the close ties between NaVi and this small team during 2022 made this possible.

Now, the starting lineup that NaVi will use for the first division of the DPC EEU 2023 is as follows:

  • Maksym “shigetsu” Popadynets
  • Maksym “mellojul” Pnov
  • Abdimalik “Malik” Sailau
  • Danial Alibaev
  • Arman “Malady” Orazbayev

On the other hand, NaVi Junior, which will now play in the second division, will have the following lineup:

  • Taras “gotthejuice” Linnikov
  • Ričards “Ri4man” Kalniņš
  • Yurii “pma” Prots
  • Tamir “daze” Tokpanov
  • Stanislav “Riddys” Mitroshkyn

There is no doubt that, from now on, the Ukrainian organization will deploy a much more intense training camp. A name as crucial as NaVi in the esports scene cannot afford to be relegated to a second division, whatever the video game. This organization is made to be at the top, and they are entirely sure of it.

Finally, these lineups will likely hold a training camp together to prepare themselves in the best possible way to become a very competitive team again. In addition, to dominate both divisions.

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