NaVi Javelins and Nigma Galaxy Fe qualify for ESL Impact League S3 finals playoffs

The ESL Impact League S3 finals, the final phase of season 3 of the women’s CS:GO league being played... Eduardo | 3. June 2023

The ESL Impact League S3 finals, the final phase of season 3 of the women’s CS:GO league being played in Dallas, USA, is underway. As a result of an intense first day with exciting matches, NaVi Javelins and Nigma Galaxy fulfilled their favorites tag to qualify for the tournament playoffs.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that Shimmer is the first team eliminated from the tournament after losing their two games played, while FlyQuest RED will play the playoffs against 9Pandas Female. In addition, it is also worth noting that B4 Female is waiting for the winners between HSG and Black Dragons.fe to define second place in Group A.

Let’s see what happened on the first day of the ESL Impact League S3 finals.

NaVi Javelins secure top spot in Group A after two wins

NaVi Javelins picked up two wins on the first day of the tournament to secure their playoff berth as the leaders of Group A.

In their first match, NaVi Javelins faced HSG in Vertigo, which was a really easy match for the NaVi girls, as they had virtually no resistance from the Chinese team. After a 10-5 first half, the NaVi girls managed to win six of the first seven rounds in the second half to take the 16-6 victory.

Then, in the playoff qualification match, NaVi Javelins again took the victory against B4 Female, who in turn had beaten Black Dragons.fe 16-13 in their first match.

Then, we had one of the best matches we have enjoyed in this ESL Impact League S3 finals between NaVi Javelins and B4 Female. The match was played on Nuke, and it all started with B4 showing a great level of play on their CT side to win the first half by 9-6. However, NaVi Javelins reacted, and through Wiktoria “vicu” Janicka, they returned to take the win by 16-14.

Nigma Galaxy Fe demonstrate supremacy in Group B.

On the other hand, we have Nigma Galaxy Fe demonstrated their great power and level of play on this first day of the ESL Impact League S3 finals with two resounding victories to secure first place in Group B.

In the first match, NGX.fe faced off against Shimmer, scoring a crushing 16-2 victory, where four of the team’s five players had more than 1.49 Ratings and more than 90 ADR.

Then, in the playoff qualifier, Nigma Galaxy Fe faced 9Pandas Female, who put up a bit more of a fight but still ended up being crushed by the best women’s CS:GO team in the world. In the first half, NGX.fe got a partial victory by 9-6 on their T-side in Vertigo. Finally, as the sides switched sides, they could win all seven of their remaining rounds to take the victory 16-7.

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