NaVi crushes Team Spirit to qualify for ESL Pro League S17 Playoffs

After four days of matches, the popular Ukrainian team, NaVi, gets their ticket to the ESL Pro League S17... Eduardo | 19. March 2023

After four days of matches, the popular Ukrainian team, NaVi, gets their ticket to the ESL Pro League S17 Playoffs by crushing Team Spirit with a 2-0.

Undoubtedly, with each passing day, we see the level of CS:GO teams increasing, and this only means a lot more action and excitement for all the fans. In Group D, this has been no exception, and now, with NaVi qualified for the Playoffs, Team Liquid, Team Spirit, and Astralis will fight for the fourth and final ticket.

Astralis survives an ATK that puts them through the wringer

The Danes suffered in an unexpected match against an opponent that surprised them in the final maps. However, Astralis kept their composure in tight moments and took the 2-1 victory to stay alive in the ESL Pro League S17 Group D Lower Bracket.

The series between Astralis and ATK was played in Overpass (Astralis), Mirage (ATK), and Inferno (Decider).


Benjamin “blameF” Bremer was the hero for the Danes to lead them to a comfortable victory and start on the right foot in this elimination match against ATK. blameF finished this match with a 1.84 Rating and 124.1 ADR, which hinted that it would be a very comfortable series for Astralis, almost ending in a tragedy. However, with a 16-7 win at their Mappick, the Danes seemed to have the series in their hands.


Overconfidence took its toll on Astralis in Mirage, as they could not be as effective as they had hoped in the first half on the CT side, as ATK managed to take a 9-6 partial victory. However, Macedonian Aleksandar “CacaNito” Kjulukoski surprised everyone with spectacular plays that dented the Danes’ defense.

In the second half, it was more of the same; ATK, after losing the first two rounds, woke up in such a way that they won seven consecutive rounds to take the map victory 16-8.


The first elimination of this Group D would be known at the end of Inferno, and because of the significance of this map, both teams gave us a lot of action and, above all, a lot of emotions. ATK started Inferno winning the first 11-4, which surprised Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz, who saw his efforts were not paying off.

However, Astralis pulled out all the stops to even the score in the second half and took the game into Overtime. Finally, with ATK with its arms down, Astralis could win all four overtime rounds to take the 19-15 victory.

Team Liquid finally wakes up and crushes Rare Atom

Team Liquid had shown a very worrying performance in this ESL Pro League S17, and in this match against Rare Atom, they said: Enough is enough!

The Americans managed to crush the Chinese in two maps that ended with a score of 2-0 and proving that the team was ready to fight for big things. Nuke (Rare Atom) and Mirage (Team Liquid) were the stages for the Americans’ thrashing.


The Chinese Mappick did not go as expected, as after winning six rounds on the T-side, the team could not stop Liquid’s offenses and ended up falling 16-7. Nevertheless, Keith “NAF” Markovic (104 ADR) and Nick “nitr0” Cannella was in charge of leading Liquid to victory on this first map.


The second map saw even greater supremacy demonstrated by Team Liquid over Rare Atom. Again, the guys from North America, led this time by Mareks “YEKINDAR” Gaļinskis (129.2 ADR and 2.29 Rating), managed to crush the Chinese with an excellent score of 16-5. Rare Atom never had a real chance to take this series, but it has all been because of the incredible level demonstrated by Team Liquid.

NaVi shows what it is made of and qualifies for the EPL S17 Playoffs

This time, Ukraine won the battle against Russia in CS:GO, as NaVi scored an excellent 2-0 victory over Team Spirit to write their name as one of the qualifiers for the EPL S17 Playoffs.

The maps played in this Group D Mid Bracket final was Anubis (Team Spirit) and Nuke (NaVi).


The first map was evenly matched, as Team Spirit started off on the right foot by winning the first half with a score of 10-5. However, this only made NaVi’s beast, Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev, wake up and pull off an incredible 11-4 comeback to take the win on the map 16-14. S1mple finished the second half with 97 ADR and a 1.89 Rating.


In Nuke, we had a surprise on the NaVi side, as young Andrii “npl” Kukharskyi carried his team to victory. The 17-year-old Ukrainian finished the map with an ADR of 95.3 and a Rating of 1.66 for NaVi to seal their qualification to the Playoffs after a 16-7 win over Team Spirit.

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