Harrison | 22. November 2022

NAVI are your new PUBG Global Champions

The PUBG Global Championship 2022 has come to an end last Sunday with a victory of Natus Vincere! The CIS team 

A total of 32 PUBG teams from all over the world fought for their share of the $3 million prize pool in Dubai. The initial prize pool for the tournament was $2 million but thanks to crowdfunding through the sale of in-game cosmetic items, the tournament prize pool increased to $3.3 million.

Natus Vincere emerged as the victors with 114 kills and 65 placement points combined to form a total score of 179 points, taking home both the trophy and $1 million in tournament winnings.

17 Gaming took the runner-up spot with 97 frag points and 71 placement points combined to form a total score of 168 points. They took home $250 000 in prize money. 

Here’re the top 10 teams of the PGC 2022:

Place Team Frag Points  Placement Points  Total Points
1 Navi 114 65 179
2 17 Gaming 97 71 168
3 Twisted Minds 88 73 161
4 EUnited 84 56 140
5 OVERPEEKERS 90 34 124
6 CERBERUS Esports 72 42 114
7 Question Mark 75 33 108
8 YAHO 57 46 103
9 FaZe Clan 64 33 97
10 Daytrade Gaming 61 34 95

Viewership statistics 

Even though community casting through YouTube and Twitch played a crucial part in the coverage of the competition, it seems that the viewership and overall interest in the title have been slightly decreasing.

According to data by EsportsCharts, during the total airtime of 70 hours and 35 minutes, the PUBG Global Championship 2022 accumulated 185 793 average viewers, peaking at 185 793 concurrent viewers.

These statistics fall short compared to the previous PUBG tournaments. For instance, the PUBG GC 2021 attracted 189 256 viewers at its peak, while the 2019 edition was watched by 197 470 viewers at its peak. That said, the average viewership of the event stayed about the same.

Plans for the future

PUBG Esports has shared a video message on Twitter during the final day of PUBG GC 2022, announcing their plans for the future of PUBG esports in 2023. First off, the new season will feature a new format where PUBG Global Series will be held twice, first in April and then in September.

Moreover, PUBG Nationals Cup will also be returning in 2023. The new season will also feature three Regional series, with the PUBG Global Championships set to take place in November.

It is also said that PUBG Esports will be launching a Global Partner Team Program which will offer special benefits and new titles however the teams are yet to be selected. Finally, KRAFTON plans to open a PUBG Esports dedicated stadium in Korea in the first half of 2024.

Header: Twitter/PUBG Esports