NAL Stage 2: TSM and DZ Take the Lead

After the first two match-days, some teams are emerging as favorites. But a lot of close matches have made... Fabio | 17. June 2021

After the first two match-days, some teams are emerging as favorites. But a lot of close matches have made it difficult to accurately predict who the best squads will be. The fight for first place ensues between TSM, DarkZero, SSG, and Mirage.

So far, Team SoloMid have been the only ones to win two maps in regulation time. After they’ve made the Top 4 at the most recent Six Invitational, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. While DarkZero have also gotten two wins on their bank, they’ve only done so in overtime. But unlike TSM, who have only fought teams outside the Top 4, they have actually take on some bigger opponents already. On the first play-day, they faced Mirage. One day later, they clashed horns with Spacestation Gaming.

But not all teams have been allowed to play two matches so far. Susquehanna Soniqs sat out the second day, XSET did so on the first. So they haven’t really had the chance to gain lots of points. Seeing as they’re in shared last place, that probably doesn’t make a lot of difference anyways.


After the first two days, we’re seeing different teams reach the upper ranks. Back then, Oxygen Esports had made first place. Susquehanna Soniqs had narrowly dropped to second place. Mirage and Disrupt ranked closely behind them. TSM, DarkZero, and Spacestation Gaming all ended up in the lower half of the rankings. But after they’ve finally adjusted to the 2021 roster changes and got some international exposure at the most recent Six Invitational, things are looking different again.

We’ll see whether last year’s Top 4 can retain its top spots now. After all, we’ve only gotten through two play-days. A lot can happen in the next few weeks. Susquehanna Soniqs in particular will try to stomp XSET and beastcoast in their coming games. But it stands to question whether they can do the same against the SI veterans of TSM and a resurgent DarkZero.