MOUZ Lose Their Opening Match At IEM Dallas

IEM Dallas 2024 has begun and day 1 was full of hyped matches. With so many great teams in... Radu M. | 27. May 2024

IEM Dallas 2024 has begun and day 1 was full of hyped matches. With so many great teams in the race, it’s hard to choose which matches to watch.

But not every favorite team did well on this day. MOUZ, currently the number 1 team in CS2, somehow managed to lose against 9z Team, a competitor that’s currently ranked 40th globally.

We don’t know what caused MOUZ to play so poorly. They looked like a shadow of the team that won the last two CS2 events.

Other Results From Day 1


Day 1 of IEM Dallas was a great success for most of the favorites. In group A, Team Liquid, G2 Esports, and Vitality won their opening matches despite facing considerable opposition.

Liquid didn’t struggle too much against Complexity. The score was 13 – 6, which is a clear sign of strength given that Complexity finished 3rd – 4th at ESL Pro League S19.

For G2 and Vitality, the battle was much harder to win. NiKo and his crew faced Team Falcons and defeated them 13 – 10 thanks to m0NESY’s individual performance. The CS superstar finished the match with a score of 27 – 14, by far the best on the server.

Vitality encountered Monte and won in overtime: 12 – 16 on Nuke. Their comeback was very impressive. From 9 – 3 to winning there’s a very long way to go. ZywOo, as always, was in great shape.

Vitality went on to win their second match of the group stage, against G2 Esports. These two teams are fierce rivals and ZywOo took advantage of the fact that G2 are playing with a stand-in.

In group B on IEM Dallas, FaZe Clan easily won their opening match against M80: 13 – 6.

HEROIC had another rough match, this time against Virtus.pro: 4 – 13. It seems that they won’t get very far at this tournament.

For Team Spirit, who have two of the best players in the world, the competition started with a dominant victory against FlyQuest: 13 – 1 on Ancient. The Australians didn’t even know what hit them.

Natus Vincere faced moderate obstacles against BIG but still managed to win 9 – 13 after w0nderful and iM got 20 kills each. It’s doubtful, however, that they will play the same way against Spirit.

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