Fragster | 5. August 2022

Most popular CS:GO maps in 2022: Mirage on top

Some maps in CS:GO will simply never go out of style. Some came out in version 1.6 and didn’t lose their relevance to this day, while others were added quite recently and managed to win the hearts of gamers. And of course, some, such as Train or Cobblestone, have been seemingly forgotten by players forever and ever. 

Some maps might not impress at first, but gradually gain popularity, as the community  comes to appreciate certain features, often under the influence of professional players and content creators, just like in the case of Vertigo 51.

This article sums up the research conducted by Leetify, which collected statistics on CS:GO maps by the popularity in the first half of 2022 (January – June), based solely on games played in official matchmaking.

Most popular CS:GO maps in the first half of 2022

In order to identify the most popular maps in CS:GO, the CS:GO stats analysis website Leetify recently conducted an analysis of over 5.2 million official CS:GO matches played between January and June 2022. 

The research did not take into account the data of third-party services such as FACEIT, ESEA, and others. Instead, it used data taken exclusively from the general userbase of Valve’s servers. Only matches via the official matchmaking system were taken into account.

Based on Leetify’s analysis, here are nine of the most popular CS:GO matchmaking maps that the gaming community prefers to compete on: 

  1. Mirage — 1,539,200 matches (29.6%)
  2. Inferno — 1,076,400 matches (20.7%)
  3. Dust 2 — 1,066,000 matches (20.5%)
  4. Nuke — 421,200 matches (8.1%)
  5. Overpass — 353,600 matches (6.8%)
  6. Cache — 296,400 matches (5.7%)
  7. Vertigo — 254,800 matches (4.9%)
  8. Ancient — 109,200 matches (2.1%)
  9. Train — 40,000 matches (1.6%)

The top three maps — Mirage, Inferno, and Dust 2 — accounted for over 70% of matches in the first six months of 2022, which equates to roughly 3.6 million matches. This trio clearly creates an imbalance in relation to the rest of the map pool.

Even though Cache is not included in the list of Active Duty Maps, it can be seen how popular it is in the gaming community, far surpassing some maps from the pool such as Vertigo, Ancient, and Train. Perhaps it’s time for Valve to bring this map back to the pool with some new updates.

After pretty big changes in the past, Nuke was subjected to hatred and criticism in the past. However, given that it was the fourth most-picked map that outperformed many other great CS:GO maps, it seems to have gradually found permanent fans for itself.

Quite unexpectedly, Vertigo has twice the percentage of Ancient. Despite all the slights that the map has faced, it shows quite good results.

It will certainly be interesting to see how the map rating changes, if it changes at all, over the next six months. Perhaps everything will remain in place, or Valve will shake things up by reworking existing maps or introducing new ones, so we will be watching for further changes.

Header: Valve