Moist Esports: Rising to the Top in Competitive Gaming

Moist Esports has quickly risen to prominence within the competitive gaming community since its founding in 2021 by popular... Pablo | 10. July 2024

Moist Esports has quickly risen to prominence within the competitive gaming community since its founding in 2021 by popular content creator Charles White Jr., also known as MoistCr1TiKaL, alongside co-owners including Ludwig Ahgren. The organization manages teams in various popular games such as Guilty Gear Strive, Rocket League, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Brawlhalla, Valorant, and Apex Legends. Notably, their Rocket League division has been particularly successful, clinching several significant titles.

A highlight of Moist Esports’ impactful journey is their acquisition of Team Burger’s roster for their Apex Legends division, turning it into a fan favorite due to their strong performance in the 2022 Championship. This acquisition included players like Joshua “Jaro” Green, Matthew “Emtee” Trengove, and Ben “Wxltzy” Walton. Their strategic moves have garnered significant attention and admiration from esports enthusiasts.

Explore more about Moist Esports on their Wikipedia page and the Liquipedia Rocket League Wiki to get detailed insights into their player roster, achievements, and upcoming events. With continuous growth and an expanding roster, Moist Esports is definitely a team to watch in the esports arena.

Origin and History

Moist Esports, founded by Charles White Jr., known as MoistCr1TiKaL, quickly rose to prominence within the esports community. The organization expanded its team roster significantly and established a notable reputation through several early achievements in various competitive games.


In 2021, Charles White Jr., who is widely recognized on YouTube as MoistCr1TiKaL, established Moist Esports. The creation of the organization was driven by his passion for competitive gaming and his desire to contribute more tangibly to the esports community. Co-owned by other influential figures, including Ludwig Ahgren, Moist Esports started with a focus on creating a strong presence in multiple esports titles.

The organization built its initial roster by acquiring talented players across various games. This strategic move allowed them to quickly become a respectable name in esports circles. Their early investments in roster building, infrastructure, and community engagement set the foundation for their subsequent success.

Name Significance

The name “Moist Esports” reflects Charles White Jr.’s unique and often humorous approach to content creation and branding. The term “moist,” which is frequently used in his online persona, indicates a blend of irreverence and distinct identity that resonates with his fanbase. The name aims to stand out in the crowded esports industry and foster a recognizable brand.

By embracing a name that might seem unconventional, Moist Esports differentiates itself from more traditionally named organizations. This bold naming choice reflects the personality and style of its founder, aligning with his online brand and helping to draw attention to the organization amidst the competitive landscape of esports.

Early Achievements

Moist Esports saw early success in various competitive games, quickly establishing its credentials. In 2022, they made a notable entry into the Apex Legends scene by signing the roster of Team Burger. This team consisted of Joshua “Jaro” Green, Matthew “Emtee” Trengove, and Ben “Wxltzy” Walton, who had already gained popularity during the 2022 Championship.

Their Rocket League division achieved significant milestones, showcasing the organization’s potential. Additionally, their presence in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and other titles further solidified their standing within the esports community. By winning high-profile tournaments and consistently performing well, Moist Esports demonstrated their competitive viability early on.

For more on Moist Esports’ success in games like Apex Legends, you can visit Liquipedia.

Organizational Structure

Moist Esports, founded by Charles White Jr. and co-owned by Ludwig Ahgren, has an established organizational framework. It focuses on leadership, diverse teams, and dedicated support staff to ensure smooth operations and competitive success.


Moist Esports was initially founded by Charles White Jr., popularly known as MoistCr1TiKaL. In January 2023, Ludwig Ahgren joined as a co-owner alongside Nick Allen, boosting the organization’s strategic direction and growth. The combined leadership has leveraged their vast influence in the gaming community to attract talent and secure partnerships. Their roles involve overseeing team management, brand expansion, and community engagement.

Teams and Divisions

Moist Esports comprises several competitive teams across various games. These include titles like Guilty Gear StriveRocket LeagueSuper Smash Bros. MeleeSuper Smash Bros. UltimateBrawlhallaValorant, and Apex Legends. Each division focuses on recruiting top-tier players and participating in major tournaments. For instance, Kola was their first player for Smash Bros., and the Rocket League team recently acquired Pirates on a Boat.

Support Staff

The organization employs a robust support staff to aid their teams. This includes coachesanalysts, and managers responsible for player development, strategic planning, and logistical management. The support staff ensures that players receive the necessary guidance and resources. From tactical game insights to physical and mental well-being, their comprehensive support system is crucial for maintaining a high performance level.

For additional details, you can visit the Moist Esports Wikipedia page or learn about their Rocket League roster changes. Further information on the leadership structure is available on Virtual Sports.

Competitive Performance

Moist Esports has actively competed in a variety of major gaming tournaments, establishing itself with notable performances and creating significant rivalries along the way. This section delves into the organization’s tournament achievements, remarkable matches, and key rival competitors.

Major Tournaments

Moist Esports has made a mark in multiple gaming scenes, particularly with its Rocket League and Apex Legends teams. Achieving victory in several high-stakes tournaments, their Rocket League division notably won the 2023 Rocket League Championship Series.

In Apex Legends, the team faced challenges, including visa issues preventing participation in the Los Angeles Playoffs. Despite these setbacks, they continued to compete effectively, rebranding temporarily as Not Moist but still tied to the organization.

The Super Smash Bros. divisions for Melee and Ultimate have also seen their fair share of top placements, contributing to Moist Esports’ reputation.

Notable Matches

Among the organization’s most noteworthy matches, the Rocket League division stands out. Their win in the 2023 Championship Series included several critical games that showcased their strategic prowess.

Another highlight involves the Apex Legends team, where iiTzTimmy, a top player, joined Moist Esports after leaving Disguised, bringing significant attention and success to the team.

Additionally, the Super Smash Bros. scene saw intense matches, such as against top-tier teams, driving competitive intensity and fan engagement further.


Rivalries have become a defining aspect of Moist Esports’ competitive journey. In the Rocket League community, they developed a fierce rivalry with established teams like NRG and Team BDS. These matchups often draw significant viewership and high-stakes excitement.

In the Apex Legends scene, the team has clashed with former high-ranking squads like Team Burger, creating dynamic competitions that are closely followed by fans.

Their involvement in Super Smash Bros. also saw rivalries with other prominent teams, fueling competitive spirit and overall engagement in the esport. These clashes not only highlight the competitive nature of Moist Esports but also help in building a committed fan base.

Fan Base and Community

Moist Esports has cultivated a significant following since its inception in 2021. This growth in popularity can be largely attributed to the charismatic presence of its founder, Charles White Jr., also known as MoistCr1TiKaL. His connection with fans has translated into a loyal and active community.

The team’s engagement extends beyond just competitive gameplay. They regularly interact with their followers through social media platforms like Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube. This constant communication helps maintain a strong bond with fans.

Community Engagement Initiatives

  • Live Streams: Team members frequently stream their gameplay, offering insights and entertainment.
  • Social Media: Regular updates, memes, and interactive posts keep the followers engaged.
  • Fan Meetups: Occasional meet-and-greet events foster a sense of personal connection.

Benefits of a Strong Fan Base

  • Sponsorships: A dedicated fan base attracts lucrative sponsorship deals.
  • Merchandise Sales: Fans often purchase branded merchandise, contributing to the team’s revenue.
  • Event Support: High attendance at live events boosts team morale and visibility.

Moist Esports also prioritizes inclusivity and community building, encouraging fans to participate in various online and offline events. This active involvement helps sustain interest and loyalty among the audience.

Engagement is key to their strategy. By valuing and responding to their community, Moist Esports effectively maintains a robust and enthusiastic following. This commitment to fan interaction plays a crucial role in the team’s ongoing success.

Partnerships and Sponsorships

Moist Esports has forged significant partnerships and sponsorship deals that have contributed to its growth and influence in the esports industry. These collaborations include notable companies and sponsorship agreements that enhance the team’s operations and fan engagement.

Key Partners

One of Moist Esports’ key partners is Opera GX, a gaming-focused web browser. This partnership has been instrumental since 2021, allowing the two to collaborate on various projects. Opera GX’s alignment with the team’s ethos has facilitated the creation of new gaming features tailored for esports enthusiasts, cementing a deeper connection between the browser and the team.

Another important partner is Shopify, with whom Moist Esports recently united. This partnership emerged organically through offseason conversations, aiming at strategic collaboration within the esports space. Shopify’s involvement is expected to bring substantial support and resources to Moist Esports.

Sponsorship Deals

Moist Esports’ most significant sponsorship deal is with Opera GX, which is now the team’s lead sponsor. This sponsorship not only funds the team’s activities but also allows both entities to co-create content and features for the esports community. The partnership emphasizes enhancing the experience for both players and fans, showing a commitment to the esports scene.

The sponsorship with Opera GX includes financial support, marketing collaborations, and joint promotional activities. Such deals strengthen the team’s financial standing and broaden their reach within the gaming community. This collaboration underscores the effectiveness of strategic sponsorships in maintaining a competitive edge in the esports industry.

Media and Content Creation

Moist Esports leverages both its branded merchandise and expansive content channels to connect with fans and expand its reach, making it a prominent player in the esports and content creation landscape.

Branded Merchandise

Moist Esports offers a range of branded merchandise that includes apparel, accessories, and collectibles. These items are designed not only for fans of the organization but also for general gaming enthusiasts.

The merchandise is available through their official online store and is often promoted through their social media channels and during live streams. Limited edition drops and collaborations with other brands and designers are common, creating a sense of exclusivity.

This strategy helps to build a deeper connection with fans, turning them into brand ambassadors.

Content Channels

The organization maintains a strong presence across various content channels such as YouTubeTwitch, and social media platforms.

Regular streams, video highlights, and behind-the-scenes content provide fans with an inside look at the team’s activities and personalities. Key members like MoistCr1TiKaL and Ludwig Ahgren use their personal channels to amplify the reach and impact of Moist Esports, posting gameplay videos, vlogs, and collaborative content.

By consistently producing engaging and varied content, Moist Esports sustains a robust online community and attracts new viewers, enhancing their influence in the esports and streaming industries.

Significant Challenges and Controversies

Moist Esports has faced several notable challenges and controversies since its inception. One of the most significant issues was their recent legal battle with U.S. Immigration. Due to visa complications, the team had to relocate to Lisbon, Portugal for a B-1 business visa interview which was eventually successful.

The organization also faced challenges during the ALGS. Moist Esports participated under the name “Not Moist” because of the ongoing issues with U.S. Immigration. Despite these obstacles, they showcased resilience by performing well in the tournament. Their story is a testament to the team’s dedication and ability to adapt under difficult circumstances (Game8).

Moreover, a mid-season roster change stirred up the community when popular streamer IiTzTimmy left DSG to join Moist Esports. This move, which occurred during an ALGS split, was aimed at strengthening the team’s roster for upcoming matches and added a layer of complexity to their competitive strategy (Dot Esports).

Ownership shifts have also been integral to the organization’s narrative. Initially owned solely by Charles White Jr. (known as MoistCr1TiKaL), the company’s dynamic changed when Ludwig Ahgren and Nick Allen joined as co-owners in January 2023. This key partnership marked a significant step in Moist Esports’ growth and strategic direction (Virtual Sports).

Future Outlook and Projections

Moist Esports continues to expand rapidly, driven by strategic partnerships and consistent success across various esports titles. Their focus on expanding horizons has set them apart in the competitive landscape.

Key Players and Talent Acquisition
Recent signings like iiTzTimmy have brought new energy to the team. His move to Moist Esports is aimed at achieving new milestones and solidifying the team’s presence in esports.

Strategic Moves
The organization is relocating its base for Year 4 of the ALGS, surprising many by choosing a new region. This move is expected to bring new challenges and opportunities for the team.

Achievements and Milestones

Date Event Result
June 12, 2024 Signed iiTzTimmy Team Expansion
2022 Rocket League Spring Split Major Champions
2022-2023 First Major Second Place

Community Engagement
Moist Esports remains committed to engaging with the community through various events and collaborations. Their transparent communication and interactive sessions have fostered a loyal fanbase.

Looking ahead, Moist Esports aims to maintain top-tier performance in all competitions. Their proactive approach to talent acquisition and regional shifts is expected to yield significant gains.

The organization keeps a keen eye on emerging esports trends, ensuring they stay ahead in an ever-evolving landscape. With their current trajectory, Moist Esports is poised for a bright future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Moist Esports was established by Charles White Jr. and has quickly grown its presence in several popular games. This section addresses common inquiries regarding ownership, team involvement in various games, and recent roster changes.

Who owns Moist Esports?

Moist Esports was founded in 2021 by Charles White Jr., also known as MoistCr1TiKaL. The organization is co-owned by Ludwig Ahgren and other notable personalities from the streaming community.

Which games does Moist Esports have teams in?

Moist Esports competes in several games, including Rocket League, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Brawlhalla, VALORANT, and Apex Legends.

What are the recent achievements of Moist Esports in Rocket League?

One of the highlights for Moist Esports in Rocket League includes their division winning major tournaments. They continue to maintain a competitive edge in the scene.

Have there been any recent roster changes in Moist Esports’ VALORANT team?

The VALORANT team has seen some changes, including the departure of Emtee and the acquisition of iiTzTimmy from Disguised on June 12, 2024. This has helped to maintain competitive performance.

Are there any Moist Esports members known for their Brawlhalla skills?

Moist Esports features talented Brawlhalla players recognized for their skills and contributions to the game’s competitive scene.

What is the status of Moist Esports’ involvement in Apex Legends?

Moist Esports has an active roster in Apex Legends. Despite facing challenges such as visa issues that prevented participation in some events, they continue to compete and stay involved in the scene.