MLBB: PH national MLBB team rosters for 2024 revealed

The world’s strongest MLBB nation has revealed groundbreaking rosters to solidify its title defenses in various international championships. In... Paolo | 19. June 2024

The world’s strongest MLBB nation has revealed groundbreaking rosters to solidify its title defenses in various international championships.

In a statement posted on its social media Wednesday evening Manila time, national esports team SIBOL has released both its men’s and women’s MLBB pool for upcoming competitions to represent the Philippines in various tournaments involving national esports federations.

For the men’s team, a unit mostly composed of players from the MLBB Development League or MDL backed up by world champion reinforcements have been deployed.

EXP laner Edferdz Fernandez, midlaner Edriel Gallantes, jungler Gabriel Guinto, gold laner Cymond Torres, and roamer Denniel Gomez from RRQ Kaito will suit up for the Philippine national esports team, backed up by M5 World Champion jungler and returning SIBOL veteran Kyle “KyleTzy” Sayson.

This team will be coached by the debuting national team coach Paulo Munsayac, ably assisted by the returning two-time M-Series champion coach, Francis Glindro. Both Munsayac and Glindro have had some form of working relationship in the past, as part of the original Bren Esports lineup.

SIBOL national team general manager Jab Escutin says, he is very confident that this new men’s team will help keep the Philippines on top of MLBB competitions between esports federations, saying that their chemistry and combined experience can account for the credibility of the roster.

“I’m really excited to see these guys play with the best of the best so that we can really cement the Philippines as the hub for MLBB talent, the whole world,” Escutin told the Philippine Esports Press Corps in an interview. 

“Because imagine if these guys, once they bring home the gold medals for us, it will cement the Philippines as an MLBB global powerhouse.”

Escutin also said that KyleTzy will not just be a sixth man who will serve as a sub player, saying that Coach Pau and Coach Ducky both intend to rotate the roster and utilize the star jungler’s veteran prowess.

“Coach Pau is very confident in his chosen sixth man,” Escutin said. “I think the combines have shown him that, you know, KyleTzy has what it takes to be part of the scene, and I think they also have enough time to actually blend in together you know, to mix in the chemistry and all that stuff and practice with that team. And also, I think, you know, Pau has a rich history with Bren himself so I think KyleTzy will understand how he does it.”

Meanwhile, the women’s team will have very familiar faces backed up by two new additions.

Roamer Mery Vivero returns to the national team, backed up by her fellow teammates from Omega Empress: gold laner Sheen Perez, jungler Kaye Alpuerto, exp laner Gwyneth Diagon, and midlaner Rica Amores. They will be joined by their sixth player, gold laner Lhoureian Alcaraz, from ONIC ZOL. MPL veteran and former Team Secret MLBB player Salman “KingSalman” Macarambon will coach the Philippine National Women’s MLBB team.

By tradition, SIBOL players do not use their professional player IGNs and instead go by the IGN “PHI.Surname” to highlight their participation as a recognized national athlete.

SIBOL aims to retain its IESF MLBB men’s championship, while aiming to also get the women’s IESF championship in the tournaments to be held across the world in the latter half of the year.