MLBB: Falcons AP Bren, Liquid ECHO emerge as most popular teams of MPL Philippines Season 13

There may be a new “El Classico” in the works in the home of the strongest Mobile Legends: Bang... Paolo | 27. May 2024

There may be a new “El Classico” in the works in the home of the strongest Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players in the world.

This, after both Falcons AP Bren and Team Liquid ECHO are both the top two most-watched teams of the recently-concluded MPL Philippines Season 13.

escharts mpl philippines season 13 mobile legends teams (3)

escharts mpl philippines season 13 mobile legends teams (2)

Data from global esports statistics provider Esports Charts show that the newly-rebranded Hive has secured close to 7 million hours watched during the tournament, averaging close to 181,000 viewers per match, ranking it first the season’s teams.

At a close second is the newly-minted Season 13 Champions, Liquid ECHO, which scored over 160,193 average viewers, and over 5.54 million esports hours watched.

Despite having lower average viewers at over 143,000 per match, third-ranked Blacklist International has over 5.66 million esports hours watched, making the Agents still a force to be reckoned with in terms of audience and viewership.

At fourth place, meanwhile, is RSG Philippines. Raider viewership averaged at slightly over 130,000, clocking over 4.3 million hours watched. 

Meanwhile, the newly-rebranded Fnatic ONIC Philippines rounds out the top 5 most-viewed teams of this particular season, garnering over 3.059 million hours watched, averaging over 118,000 viewers per match.




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The new gauntlet format of the MPL Philippines Season 13 may have worked wonders in terms of raising viewership stakes, especially during days 2, 3, and the Grand Final.

Esports Charts’ data showed that the Grand Final best-of-7 match between Falcons AP Bren and Team Liquid ECHO drew a total of over 824,000 peak viewers. This match saw Liquid ECHO take the MPL Philippines Season 13 championship in dominant fashion, sweeping Falcons AP Bren in a 4-0 run.

The two teams’ first meeting in the Playoffs in Day 3 during the upper bracket final may prove to be the reason why a new El Classico is in the works, as this FCAP-TLPH match drew a little close to 600,000 peak viewers.

Falcons AP Bren’s lower bracket qualifying match for the Mid Season Cup, meanwhile, saw the Hive win against a resurgent RSG Philippines, as well as a good amount of viewership. This Lower Bracket final drew over 560,000 peak viewers.

Meanwhile, Blacklist International’s upper bracket semi final match, which they lost to Falcons AP Bren, saw the team draw over 449,000 peak viewers. 

Rounding out the data is Blacklist International versus RSG Philippines’ Day 3 Playoffs encounter which saw the Agents out of the Grand Finals picture for the first time since Season 10. This particular match drew over 384,000 peak viewers.

For the first time ever, MPL Philippines playoffs featured a separate Bahasa Indonesia stream, catering to Indonesian audiences. This debut dethroned the English stream as the second most-watched language stream, debuting at close to 271,000 peak viewers.

Tagalog still remains the most-dominant language for the stream, peaking at over 405,000 viewers, while English had over 101,000.

Burmese and Khmer, meanwhile, recorded over 29,000 and 8,800 peak views, respectively.

YouTube remains the most popular platform, with peak views reaching at close to 484,000, while TikTok views are at a close second, reaching close to 194,000.

More data can be derived from the Esports Charts website at escharts.com.