M80 qualify for VALORANT Ascension

The NA Challenger Playoffs 2023 is very close to its end, and we are just a few hours away... Eduardo | 9. June 2023

The NA Challenger Playoffs 2023 is very close to its end, and we are just a few hours away from knowing which two North American teams will qualify for the next VALORANT Challengers Ascension 2023: Americas. Remember that, from this tournament, only one team can seal its ticket to participate in the VCT Americas League during the 2024 and 2025 seasons.

Although the tournament is not over yet, we already have one team qualified for the VALORANT Ascension, M80. This team has shown spectacular play during the entire VCL NA 2023 season. After finishing in the TOP 3 of the two divisions played and winning the Mid-Season Face, the boys of M80 got their long-awaited ticket to the VALORANT Ascension 2023: Americas after their victory against Moist Moguls in the last hours.

Now, the only thing left to do is to wait for the result between Moist Moguls and The Guard, who will face each other in the Lower Bracket final for a pass to the tournament’s grand final. In addition, the team that wins this match also seals its ticket to the VALORANT Ascension 2023: Americas.

M80 and its phenomenal season

The team has played a truly spectacular 2023 season and deserves this slot for the VALORANT Ascension. M80 never made more mistakes than other top teams in the VCL NA.

We are talking specifically about teams like The Guard who, while close to achieving their qualification, have had several stumbles in recent weeks. On the other hand, we cannot overlook G2 Esports, who had a Split 2 to forget, and TSM, who had a similar path to G2. However, M80 held steady throughout the season, and this is a reward for their constancy.

In Split 1, M80 finished on top of the table after an excellent 4-1 record. While three teams finished with the same record, their round differential was +51, much higher than their rivals. Their players were very well-tuned in each match, leading them to be one of the teams to beat in the VCL NA.

Then, M80 won the Mid-Season Face Off after beating G2 Esports 3-1 in the grand final. Finally, in Split 2, the team did not have the same impact as in the first two tournaments played in the season. However, they finished in third place in the table, only behind Moist Moguls and The Guard.

M80 qualification to VALORANT Ascension 2023: Americas

Finally, in the VCL NA 2023 playoffs, M80 demonstrated excellent play in every match. In their first match, they defeated Shopify Rebellion with a score of 2-0. Then, they applied the same dose against Oxygen Esports in the Upper Bracket semifinals.

Finally, the team got a clean sweep against Moist Moguls with scores of 13-10 (Lotus) and 13-5 (Fracture) to seal their ticket to the grand finals of the tournament and, in addition, their place in the VALORANT Ascension 2023: Americas.

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