Luminosity Gaming Sign Streamer Nick Eh 30

Canadian streamer Nicholas “Nick Eh 30” Amyoony has signed for Esports organization Luminosity Gaming, a move which wills see... Pablo | 13. November 2020

Canadian streamer Nicholas “Nick Eh 30” Amyoony has signed for Esports organization Luminosity Gaming, a move which wills see the 25-year-old diversify his content and collaborate with some leading professional players. The North American organization announced the arrival of Nick Eh 30 on Wednesday, during the EGLX Show, a popular Esports conference taking place digitally this year.

The Canadian-Lebanese streamer primarily focuses upon Fortnite content, however collaborations could see him branch out into other areas, which will also help to grow his following. Nick Eh 30 already has 2 million followers on Twitch, as well as over 700,000 followers on Twitch.

What Nick Eh 30 Had to Say Upon His Arrival at Luminosity

Speaking upon his arrival at Luminosity Gaming, Nick Eh 30 had the following to say: “My streams will remain on Twitch but I’ll be able to do so much more! I’m equally interested in stepping up my competitive play as well as collaborating with org mates on fun videos and challenges. With Luminosity, I’ll also make some creative bets like expanding my in-real-life (IRL) content and experimenting with entirely new formats like talk shows, talent discovery competitions, branded tournaments.”

Amyoony has gained a reputation as being a streamer for all ages, with his family friendly content attracting fans from different areas of Esports. While his Twitch channel is his biggest platform, Nick Eh 30 also has some 5.4 million YouTube subscribers to his name. Amyoony has been the first to admit that he needs to diversify his content, calling streaming a “tough business” because of “audience fatigue”.

The popular Esports personality continued by stating: “I’m looking forward to collaborating with world-class gamers, hosting fun events, and earning access to exclusive, hyper-competitive events.”

Why Luminosity Gaming Signed Nick Eh 30

Amyoony’s new organization Luminosity Gaming have had their say on the signing too. President Corey Mandell called Nick Eh 30 a “world class gamer”, adding that “He’s built an incredibly impressive community around his excellent Fornite skills, but also his engaging, positive outlook and message. We know Nick will be an asset to our roster and we’re thrilled to welcome him, and his community to the Luminosity family.”

Nick Eh 30’s arrival at Luminosity Gaming could also see the streamer move into the world of tournament hosting, while he has a host of additional ideas, which are yet to be unveiled.