LoL- Riot wants to explore characters from Arcane for LoL

If you have seen Arcane you might have wondered what some of the characters from the series would look... | 27. November 2021

If you have seen Arcane you might have wondered what some of the characters from the series would look like as champions in League of Legends, such as Sevika, one of the villains for whom an artist even created an in-game concept.

In a discussion on Reddit, a user asked one of the employees from Riot who develop the champions if there was a chance that the next champions (an ADC and a support) would be characters from the first season of Arcane, sort of carried over from the series into the game.

Will we get Arcane characters in LoL?

Reav3 responded that the upcoming champions will have nothing to do with the series, but that the development team is looking forward to “exploring characters from the series for the game in the future.”

“No, that’s the reason we’ve delayed the release of Champions until the end of the year. I can’t give away too many details before the next Champions map is released, but we thought it would be strange to release Champions in the middle of the Riot x Arcane event that have nothing to do with Arcane or are in Arcane. Given the way the series has been received by so many players, the Champions development team is definitely looking forward to exploring characters that would make sense in MOBAs in the future.”

The Arcane series features several LoL champions, including Vi, Jayce, Viktor, Jinx and many others. The series premiered in early November, was pretty soon after named the best Netflix series on IMDb, and reached #1 in viewership in 36 countries during its premiere. In China alone, the premiere of the first act drew over 130 million viewers.

Arcane is extremely popular

Before Act 3, Arcane had already accumulated 34 million watched hours in the English version alone. The series was an unexpected hit and was praised by multiple critics around the world. A total of nine episodes were released, and Riot has already confirmed that they are going to produce a second season of Arcane after the tremendous success of the first series. However, the second season will not be released next year, but probably in 2023.

Riot has invested in crossovers with various games to promote the series, including the League of Legends crossover, skin partnerships in Fortnite, skins in PUBG, and skins in Among US. If that wasn’t enough, the company has released Arcane skins in LoL and Wild Rift, all of which are available for free.