LoL – Doublelift rants about TSM & says he “hates” team owner

There may be more drama to follow after this rant from Yiliang “Peter” Peng aka Doublelift. He used to... | 10. November 2021

There may be more drama to follow after this rant from Yiliang “Peter” Peng aka Doublelift. He used to be one of the most famous League of Legends players in all of North America. Together with TSM, he became a four-time champion in the LCS and is without question a very talented player.

At the end of 2020, Doublelift suddenly ended his career after TSM had a pretty lousy run at Lol Worlds 2020 and was eliminated. He is currently a streamer on Twitch for TSM. Now came the big bang when he let off steam on-stream. The 28-year-old definitely didn’t hold back as he blasted TSM founder Andy “Reginald” Dinh and his former team in his stream and spilled the beans on why he retired from professional League of Legends.

Drama between Doublelift and Andy Dinh

Doublelift revealed that his resignation was mostly due to Andy Dinh and vented on his stream on November 10: “Honestly, I just fucking hate TSM. “ Then he added, “Mostly because of Andy Dinh.” “He has too big of an ego,” Doublelift said, adding, “It’s so fucking cringe.” What you might want to know about this, and certainly plays into all the drama: Andy Dinh is the ex-boyfriend of TSM President Leena Xu – who Doublelift is now dating. Pretty spicy.

Doublelift explained that Hu “SwordArt” Shuo-Chieh would have loved to be with him on TSM in 2021. But after Doublelift talked to Andy Dinh concerning his wishes, Andy “just said no.” Which is fair enough.

After Doublelift announced that he no longer wanted to play as a pro, TSM went for Doublelift’s preferred candidate SwordArt. Which made Doublelift furious, because he was already out of the line-up. TSM did sign SwordArt to a supposed two-year, 6 million dollar contract, but later decided to go with Lawrence “Lost” Hui, a young ADC from New Zealand with rather little experience. With him, however, TSM failed to qualify for Worlds.

Doublelift’s big ego

“If I had been with TSM in the last split, we would have made it to the Worlds without a doubt,” said Doublelift, who proves with this sentence that he definitely has a smaller ego than Andy Dinh 😉 Andy Dinh himself explained his situation after Doublelift’s comments in a long post on Reddit. It becomes clear that Doublelift was not very popular within his team – for a long time Doublelift has had the reputation of being “extremely difficult to work with”.

“He was exploring his options and we weren’t interested in working with him because of that. He was constantly changing his mind about whether he wanted to play or retire. His teammates/coaches didn’t like working with him. If he doesn’t like someone or doesn’t agree with your decisions, he’ll publicly trash talk you ” Dinh said. And that’s exactly what has happened now.


“That’s why all our staff and players decided together to go for Lost. Then, after a long negotiation process, we were able to sign SwordArt. Doublelift also mistakenly thinks that he was only replaced by me both times, but in reality the decision was made collectively by the players and staff he works with every day,” explained Andy Dinh.

It looks like Doublelift won’t be streaming for TSM now either. No wonder after such statements. It is not yet known what will happen next for the player, but apparently he is thinking about returning to the competitive game.