LoL – Caps signs new contract with G2 amid Rekkles speculation

There is both good and bad news for fans of the G2 Esports League of Legends, with the organization... Fragster | 3. September 2021

There is both good and bad news for fans of the G2 Esports League of Legends, with the organization having announced that Rasmus “Caps” Borregaard Winther has signed a new contract, while speculation mounts that Martin “Rekkles” Larsson could be sold.

G2 CEO, Carlos Rodriguez, has spoken about the organization’s rebuild, with the team having failed to qualify for the 2021 Worlds. This was the first time in history that G2 Esports didn’t feature at the event, with the team being one of the most decorated in the European LoL scene. While the new deal for Caps will be welcomed by fans, many will be shocked to learn of the potential departure of Rekkles.

Why G2 may decide to sell Rekkles

While the reports surrounding Rekkles are surprising, it could well be that the departure of the Swedish veteran benefits G2 in the long term. Rekkles joined G2 in order to replace “Perkz”, in one of the biggest moves in LoL history. However, things have not gone to plan as of yet, meaning that G2 could look to freshen up its bot-lane. With Mikyx also likely to leave, G2 will be on the lookout for a few new players for a complete fresh start.

While Caps did not have the best year, the fact that he has been tied down until 2023 is certainly a positive for G2, with the Dane being one of the leading mid-laners in Europe. With MAD Lions’ Kaiser having recently agreed a new two-year contract, he will not be available to G2. However, Treatz is a viable option, with the SK Gaming pro having vast experience, he might be the one G2 is looking for.

What the future holds for G2

The departure of Rekkles would certainly hurt G2 in terms of their brand, with the Swede being one of the biggest names in the business. In terms of playing style, his passive approach has not worked with G2’s aggressive strategy. Rekkles has come under fire for this in the past, with it seeming that G2 have also recognised this fact.

G2 could make a significant amount from the sale of Rekkles, with his fee being added to the $5 million received following the sale of Perkz. Another potential candidate to replace Rekkles is Mad Lions’ Carzzy, who has not yet signed a new deal. Whatever happens, G2 will likely remain one of the main contenders in the 2022 LEC.